Cookbooks by Author: G-L

Gentile, Maria. The Italian Cook Book. New York: 1919.
Gerard, John. Herball or General Historie of Plantes. [culinary gleanings]1633
Gibbons, Merle. The domestic dictionary and housekeeper's manual. London: 1842
Gibson, Marietta. Mrs. Charles H. Gibson's Maryland and Virginia cook book. Baltimore: 1894
Gillette, F.L. Mrs. Gillette's Cook Book: Fifty years... Akron: 1908
Gillette, F.L. White House Cook Book. Chicago: 1887
Gillmore, Maria McIlvaine, b. 1871. Meatless cookery. New York: c1914
Gilman, Caroline. The Lady’s Annual Register. Boston: 1838
Glasse, Hannah. The Art of Cookery. London: 1774.
Glasse, Hannah. The Art of Cookery. London: 1784.
Glasse, Hannah. The Art of Cookery. London: 1788.
Glasse, Hannah. The Art of Cookery made plain and easy. Alexandria, Va.: 1805
Glasse, Hannah. The Complete Confectioner... London: 1800
Goodfellow, John. The dietetic value of bread. London ;1892.
Gothard, Barbara. Lessons on cookery. London: 1878
Goudiss, C. Houston. Eating vitamines. NY: 1922.
Goudiss, C. Houston. Foods that will win the war: and how to cook them, New York: [c1918]
Gouffe, Jules. The book of preserves. (translated from French) London: 1871
Gouffe, Jules. The Royal Cookery Book (Le Livre de Cuisine). London: 1869
Gouley, John William Severin, 1832- Dining and its amenities. New York : [c1907]
Graham, Sylvester. Treatise on bread, and bread-making. Boston: 1837
Gray, Grace Viall. Every Step in Canning. 1920
Green, Francis. The Housekeeper's Book. Phila: 1837
Green, Olive. How to Cook Fish, Fish in Season... Myrtle Reed 1908
Green, Ralph. Green's Receipt Book:... for Cakes and Ice Creams. Concord, NH: 1894
Greenbaum, Florence Kreisler. The International Jewish Cook Book. 1919
Greenough, Marietta. Better meals for less money. NY: 1917
Greer, Carlotta C. School and Home Cooking. 1920
Greeley, Arthur P. The Food and Drugs Act, June 30, 1906
Gurney, Lydia Maria. Things Mother used to make. New York: 1913

Hale, Sarah Josepha Buell . Eliza Acton's Modern Cookery. Phila.: 1845
Hale, Sarah Josepha Buell . Eliza Acton's Modern Cookery. Phila.: 1858
Hale, Sarah Josepha Buell. The Good Housekeeper. Boston: 1839
Hale, Sarah Josepha Buell. The Ladies' New Book Of Cookery. New York: 1852
Hale, Sarah Josepha Buell. Modern household cookery. London: 1854
Hale, Sarah Josepha Buell. Modern Household Cookery. London: 1860
Hale, Sarah Josepha Buell. Mrs. Hale's New Cook Book. Phila: 1857
Hale, Sarah Josepha Buell. Mrs. Hale's Receipts for the million. Phila: 1857
Hale, Sarah Josepha Buell. The new household receipt-book. London: 1854
Hall, Elizabeth. Practical American Cookery and Domestic Economy. NY: 1860
Hammond, Elizabeth. Modern domestic cookery... containing directions for purchasing, London: 1819 3d
Haney, Jesse. The Candy-maker. 1878
Harder, Jules. The Physiology of taste. San Fran: 1885
Harland, Marion. Breakfast, Luncheon And Tea. New York, 1875
Harland, Marion. Common Sense In The Household: A Manual Of Practical Housewifery. 1874
Harland, Marion. Marion Harland's Complete Cook Book. 1906
Harland, Marion. Cookery for Beginners: A Series of Familiar Lessons for Young Housekeepers 1884
Harland, Marion. The Cottage Kitchen: A Collection of Practical and Inexpensive Receipts 1883
Harland, Marion. The Dinner Year Book. NY: c1878
Harland, Marion. Home Helps. Lincoln, Willis, Rorer, Armstrong, Harland, 1910
Harland, Marion. Home Making. Boston: 1911
Harland, Marion. Ladies' Home Cook Book: A Complete Manual of Household Duties ... bills of fare.. 1896
Harland, Marion. Mother's Cook Book: Containing Recipes for Every Day in the Week. 1902
Harland, Marion. The National Cook Book. 1896
Harper, HW. Universal recipe book. Boston: 1869
Harrison, Sarah. The House-keeper's Pocket-book. London: 1739 2nd
Harrison, Sarah. The House-keeper's Pocket-book. London: 1760 7th
Hartigan, Ellen. Every-day things; or, Useful knowledge. 2d revised. London: 1861
Haskell, E. F. The Housekeeper's Encyclopedia of Useful Information. NY: 1861
Hazlitt, W. Carew. Old Cookery Books and Ancient Cuisine. London: 1902
Head, Brandon. The Food of the Gods: A Popular Account of Cocoa. London: 1903
Hearn, Lafcadio. La Cuisine Creole, New Orleans: c1885
Henderson, Mary F. Practical Cooking and Dinner Giving. New York: 1876.
Henderson, William Augustus. The Housekeeper's Instructor, 12th ed London: 1805
Henderson, William Augustus. How to cook, carve and eat: or, Wholesome food 1870
Henderson, William Augustus. The Housekeeper's Instructor. London: 1809
Henderson, William. Modern Domestic Cookery. New York: 1828
Heppe, Kurt. Explanations of All Terms Used in Coockery- Cellaring…drinks ... dictionary. NYC: 1908
Herrick, Christine Terhune. Consolidated library of modern cooking... New York : 1904.
Hill, A. P. Mrs. Hill's new cook-book. NY: 1898 (1867)
Hill, Georgiana. The Breakfast Book. London: 1865
Hill, Georgiana. Foreign Desserts. London: 1862
Hill, Georgiana. The gourmet's guide to rabbit cooking. London: 1859
Hill, Georgiana. How to Cook Apples. London: 1865
Hill, Georgiana. How to cook potatoes, apples, eggs and fish. NY: 1869
Hill, Janet McKenzie. Balanced Daily Diet. 1920
Hill, Janet McKenzie. Book of Entrees: including Casserole and Planked Dishes. 1911
Hill, Janet McKenzie. Canning, preserving and jelly making. Boston: 1915
Hill, Janet McKenzie. Chocolate and Cocoa Recipes. with Miss Parloa. Baker Cho. 1909
Hill, Janet McKenzie. Cooking for Two. 1909
Hill, Janet McKenzie. Home Made Candy Recipes. Mass: W. Baker & Co., c1909.
Hill, Janet McKenzie. Igleheart's Cake Secrets, All recipes. 1919
Hill, Janet McKenzie. NYAL Cook Book. 1916
Hill, Janet McKenzie. Practical Cooking and Serving: A Complete Manual of how to Select, Prepare ... 1902
Hill, Janet McKenzie. Salads, Sandwiches and Chafing-dish Dainties: With Thirty-two Illustrations ...1899
Hiller, Elizabeth. The Corn Cook Book. NY: 1918
Hiller, Elizabeth. Fifty-two Sunday Dinners. Chicago: 1915
Hiller, Elizabeth. The Practical Cook Book. NY: 1910
Hirtzler, Victor. The Hotel St. Francis Cook Book. Chicago: [c1919]
Holbrook, M. L. Eating for strength. New York: c1888
Holland, Mary. The Complete Economical Cook. 14th ed enlarged. London: 1837
Holt, Emily. The complete housekeeper N.Y.: 1917, c1903
Holt, L. Emmett. The care and feeding of children. New York: c1904
Holt, Vincent. Why not eat Insects? London: 1885
The Home Book. London: 1829
Homespun, Priscilla. The Universal Receipt Book. Phila: 1818 2d
Hooper, Mary. Cookery for invalids, persons of delicate digestion, and for children. London: 1876
Hooper, Mary. Handbook for the breakfast table. London: 1873
Hooper, Mary. Little dinners: how to serve them with elegance and economy 1876
Horsford, Eben Norton. Report on Vienna bread.1875
Horsford, Eben Norton. Theory and art of bread-making : a new process without the use of ferment. Cambridge: 1861
Hoskins, Thomas H. What we eat...adulterations of food and drink. Boston: 1861.
Howard, Jane. Fifty Years in a Maryland Kitchen. Phila: 1881 4th ed. [1873]
Howard, Jane. Fifty Years in a Maryland Kitchen. reworked by Florence Brobeck. Baltimore: 1913
Howland, Esther Allen. The New England Economical Housekeeper. Cincinnati: 1845.
Huddleson, Mary. Food for the diabetic. NY: 1923
Hudson, Mrs. The New Practice of cCookery, Pastry, Baking, and Preserving. Edinburgh: 1804
Hughes, Mary Catherine. Everywomans canning book. Boston, Mass. :1918.
Hughes, William. A practical treatise on the choice and cookery of fish. London: 1854 2d
Huish, Robert. The female's friend, and general domestic adviser. London: 1837
Hunter, Alexander. Culina Famulatrix Medicinae: or, Receipts in Cookery. York: 1804
Hunter, Alexander. Culina Famulatrix Medicinae: Receipts..with a medical commetary. York: 1806 3d
Hunter, Alexander. Culina Famulatrix Medicinae: or, Receipts in modern cookery. new ed.York: 1810
Huntington, Emily, The cooking garden: a systematized course... New York : c1885
Hutton, Barbara. Monday morning, how to get through it. London: 1863

Isola, Antonia. [pseud] Simple Italian Cookery. New York: 1912

Jacobi, A. Infant diet. New York:1874
Janvrin, Mary W. Queen of the household. Detroit, Mich. :1906, [c1901]
Jarrin, William. The Italian Confectioner. London: 1827 3d
Jeaffreson, John Cordy. A book about the table, Vol 1 London: 1875
Jeaffreson, John Cordy. A book about the table, Vol 2 London: 1875
Jennings, Linda Deziah. Washington Women's Cook Book. Seattle: 1909.
Jerrold, Blanchard. The book of menus, London: 1876
Jerrold, Blanchard. The dinner bell: a gastronomic manual. London: 1878
Jewry, Mary. Warne's model cookery and housekeeping book. London: 1868
Jewry, Mary. Warne's model cookery and housekeeping book. New Ed. London: 1879
Johnson, Helen Louise, The Enterprising Housekeeper. 1898
Johnson, Helen Louise. The Enterprising Housekeeper: Suggestions for Breakfast, Luncheon and Supper. Phila: c1900.
Johnson, Mary. Madam Johnson's Present. Dublin: 1770 4th
Johnstone, Christian. The Cook and Housewife's Manual... by Margaret Dods. Edinburgh: 1828 3d
Johnstone, Christian. Margaret Dod's The Cook's and Housewife's Manual. 8th revised ed. Edinburgh: 1847
Joncourt, Marie de. Wholesome cookery. London: 1882
Jones, Lucy. Puddings & Sweets, 365 receipts. London: 1877

Kander, Simon, Mrs. The Settlement Cook Book. Milwaukee: 1901
Kellogg, John. Household Manual of Domestic Hygiene, Foods and Drinks. Battle Creek, Mich: 1875
Kellogg, E. E. Science In The Kitchen. Chicago: 1893
Keen, Adelaide. With A Saucepan Over The Sea.... Foreign Countries, Boston: 1902.
Keoleian, Ardashes Hagop. The Oriental Cook Book, New York: 1913.
Kephart, Horace. Camp Cookery NY: 1910
Kettilby, Mary. A Collection of above three hundred receipts... 1734 5th ed
Kidder, Ed. Receipts of Pastry and Cookery for the use of his scholars, 17--
Kinne, Helen. Foods and household management: a textbook. NY: 1916
Kirkland, Elizabeth. Six little cooks, or, Aunt Jane's cooking class 1877
Kirmess Cook-book. Boston: 1887
Kirwan, Andrew. Host and guest: a book about dinners, wines, and desserts. (history, essays) London: 1864
Kitchiner, William. Apicius Redivivus: or, The Cook's Oracle. London: 1817
Kitchiner, William. The Cook's Oracle. Boston: 1822 an appendix by American pubs, marketing tables...
Kitchiner, William. The Cook's Oracle. London: 1822 4th ed. new receipts
Kitchiner, William. The Cook's Oracle. London: 1829
Kitchiner, William. The Cook's Oracle. New York: 1830
Kitchiner, William. The Cook's Oracle. Edinburgh: 1836 new ed
Kitchiner, William. The Cook's Oracle. Edinburgh: 1845
Knapp, Arthur W. Cocoa and Chocolate: Their History from Plantation to Consumer. London: 1920
Knight, SG. Tit-bits: or, How to prepare a nice dish at a moderate expense. Boston: 1864

La Chapelle, Vincent. Le Cuisinier Moderne 1742 [The modern cook 1733]
LaVarenne, Francois. Le Cuisinier Francois 1680
La Varenne, Francois. Le vrai cuisinier françois. 1721
Lansdown, Lillian B. How to Prepare and Serve a Meal and Interior Decoration. 1922
Lea, Elizabeth E. Domestic Cookery. Baltimore: 1869
Lee, N.K.M. The Cook's Own Book. Boston: 1832
Leslie, Eliza. Directions for Cookery, in its Various Branches. Philadelphia: 1840
Leslie, Eliza. Domestic French Cookery. Phila: 1836
Leslie, Eliza. The Lady's Receipt-Book. Philadelphia: 1847
Leslie, Eliza. Miss Leslie's Complete Cookery. Directions for Cookery 1858
Leslie, Eliza. Miss Leslie's Lady's House-book; a Manual of Domestic Economy. Phila: 1850
Leslie, Eliza. Miss Leslie's New Cookery Book. Phila: 1857
Leslie, Eliza. New Receipts for Cooking 1854
Leslie, Eliza. Seventy-five receipts for pastry, cakes, and sweetmeats. (1st ed. no appendix; handwritten recipes) Boston: 1828
Leslie, Eliza. Seventy-five receipts for pastry, cakes, and sweetmeats. (3rd ed. 20 appendix) Boston: 1830
Leslie, Eliza. Seventy-five Receipts for pastry cakes, and sweetmeats... Philadelphia: 1832
Leslie, Eliza. Seventy-five receipts for pastry, cakes, and sweetmeats. (9th ed. 40 additional) Boston: 1836
Lewis, Henry L. B. New and cheap art of bread-making: the rich man's guide, the poor man's friend...unfermented bread. New York: 1847
Liger, Louis. Le menage de la ville et des champs... Bruxelles: 1712
Lincoln, Mary Carving and Serving. 1906
Lincoln, Mary. Frozen Dainties, Fifty Choice Receipts. Nashua: 1899
Lincoln, Mary. Boston school kitchen text-book. Boston: 1891
Lincoln, Mary. Home Helps. Lincoln, Willis, Rorer, Armstrong, Harland, 1910
Lincoln, Mary. Mrs. Lincoln's Boston Cook Book. Boston: 1884
Lincoln, Mary. The Peerless Cook Book. 1901
Lincoln, Mary. The school kitchen textbook. Boston: 1917
Loftus, William. The Brewer: a Familiar Treatise on the Art of Brewing. London: 1863.
Lombez. Nouvelle cuisiniere bourgeoise Paris: 1842
Luck, Mrs. Brian. The Belgian Cook-book, 1915

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