Historical Cookbooks 1866-1900

Beeton, Isabella. How to dine, dinners & dining…bills of fare London: 1866
MacKenzie, Colin. Mackenzie's ten thousand receipts, revised Phila: 1866 (1854)
Massey, John. Massey and Son's Biscuit, ice, & compote book. London: 1866
Mrs. Goodfellow's ...1866 see: Cookery as it should be. Philadelphia: 1856
Munster-Ledenburg, Harriet. Dainty dishes, receipts. Edinburgh: 1866
Peterson, Hannah [Mary Bouvier]. The national cook book. Philadelphia: 1866
Russell, Malinda. A domestic cook book... Paw Paw, Mich: 1866
Russell, Malinda. A domestic cook book. Paw Paw, Mich: 1866 Intro, facsimile 2007
Smith, John. Vegetable cookery. London: 1866
Toogood, Harriett. The Treasury of French Cookery. London: 1866
Warren, Eliza. Comfort for small incomes. London: 1866
Barringer, Maria. Dixie cookery; or, How I managed my table for twelve years (NC) Boston: 1867
Blot, Pierre. Hand-book Of Practical Cookery, New York: c1867
Brisse, Leon. Le calendrier gastronomique pour l'annee 1867 ...baron Brisse... Paris: 1867
De Voe, Thomas Farrington. The Market Assistant., New York: 1867
The edible mollusks of Great Britain and Ireland, with recipes for cooking them. London 1867
Francatelli, Charles. The cook's guide, and housekeeper's & butler's assistant. London: 1867
Gouffe, Jules. Le Livre de Cuisine. Paris: 1867
Berney. The great household number of Berney's mystery of living. New York City: 1868?
Cornelius, Mary. The Young Housekeeper’s Friend. Boston. 1868
The Dominion home cookbook, by a Thorough housewife. Toronto: 1868
Jewry, Mary. Warne's model cookery and housekeeping book. London: 1868
The American housewife and kitchen directory. New York: 1869
Audiger, Louis Lacour. Memoires d'Audiger, limonadier a Paris, XVIIe siecle. [1692] Paris: 1869
Beecher, Catharine Esther. The American Woman's Home. New York: 1869
Bellows, Albert J. How not to be sick. New York: Hurd & Houghton, 1869
Edwards, Frederick, On the extravagant use of fuel in cooking operations
Gouffe, Jules. The Royal Cookery Book (Le Livre de Cuisine). London: 1869
Harper, HW. Universal recipe book. Boston: 1869
Hill, Georgiana. How to cook potatoes, apples, eggs and fish. NY: 1869
The kitchen companion, containing valuable recipes for ice creams, puddings, pies, cakes, blanc mange… Phila: 1869
Lea, Elizabeth Ellicott. Domestic Cookery. Baltimore: Cushings and Bailey, 1869 (1851) Hathi
Stowe, Harriet Beecher. House and home papers. Boston: 1869
Terrington, William. Cooling cups and dainty drinks. London: 1869
Wright, A.S. Wright's book of 3000 practical receipts... New York [1869]


Artistic cookery…nobility and gentry and for public entertainments. London: 1870
Beeton, Isabella. Meats, how to select, how to cook, and how to carve. 1870
Cowan, John. What to eat, and how to cook it… fruits and vegetables. 1870
Croly, Jane Cunningham. Jennie June's American Cookery Book... New York: 1870
Dickerman, Charles. How to make the farm pay. Recipes p 685-728. Phila: 1870
Elliott, Sarah. Mrs. Elliott's housewife: Containing practical receipts in cookery. NY: 1870
Frost, Sarah. The Godey's Lady's book receipts and household hints 1870
Henderson, William Augustus. How to cook, carve and eat: or, Wholesome food 1870
Peterson, Hannah. The young wife's cook book…breakfast, dinner and tea 1870
Trowbridge, Laura. Excelsior Cook Book and Housekeeper's Aid. NY: 1870
Tyson, M.L. The queen of the kitchen : a collection of old Maryland receipts for cooking. Baltimore : Lucas Brothers, 1870 288p
Beeton, Samuel. Beeton's Dictionary of practical recipes and every-day information. 1871
Cook, Richard. Oxford Night Caps, Being a Collection of Receipts for Making Various Beverages . Oxford: 1871
Cornelius, Mrs. The young housekeeper's friend revised and enlarged. Boston: 1871 (1868)
The gas-consumer's guide. Boston:1871
Gouffe, Jules. The book of preserves. (translated from French) London: 1871
Orr, N De Witt's Connecticut cook book. 1871
Porter, ME. Mrs. Porter's new southern cookery book. Phila: 1871
Ricket, E. The gentleman's table guide. (drinks) London: 1871
Timbs, John. One thousand domestic hints. London: 1871
Ure, Andrew. A dictionary of arts, manufactures, and mines... 1871
Beeton, Isabella. The Englishwoman's cookery book. 1872
The Cuisine: containing household cooking recipes. 2d ed. Boston: 1872
The Dessert Book: A Complete Manual from the Best American and Foreign Authorities. Boston: 1872
Ellet, Elizabeth Fries. The New Cyclopaedia of Domestic Economy, Norwich, CT: 1872
Nichols, TL, Dr. How to cook London: 1872
Otto, Frederick . The American pastry baker. English and German. Phila: 1872
Parloa, Maria. The Appledore Cook Book. Boston: 1872
Philp, Robert Kemp. Enquire within upon everything: to which is added Enquire within upon fancy. 1872
Philp, Robert. Take my advice: giving information on everything pertaining to daily life. London: 1872
Youman, Alexander. A Dictionary of Every-day Wants: Containing Twenty Thousand Receipts. NY: 1872
Beecher, Catharine E. Miss Beecher's housekeeper and healthkeeper. New York: 1873
Beecher, Henry Ward. Motherly talks with young housekeepers. New York: 1873
The Book of Dinner Serviettes. [29p napkin folding] 3d ed. London: 1873
Chase, Alvin. Dr. Chase’s Family Physician, Farrier, Bee-keeper, and Second Receipt Book. Ann Arbor: 1873
Chesterman, Edwin. "You ask!--I'll tell!": A condensed encyclopedia. Phila: 1873
Choice receipts: selected from the best manuscript authorities. Hartford: 1873
Dumas, Alexandre. Grand dictionnaire de cuisine. Paris: 1873
Gouffe, Jules. Le Livre de Pâtisserie. Paris: 1873
Harland, Marion. [Pseud.] Common Sense In The Household: A Manual Of Practical Housewifery. New York: 1873
Hooper, Mary. Handbook for the breakfast table. London: 1873
Moore, Richard. The Artizans' Guide and Everybody's Assistant: Containing Over Three Thousand New. Montreal: 1873
Presbyterian Cook Book, Compiled By The Ladies Of The First Presbyterian Church, Dayton, Ohio. c1873.
Smith, Edward. Foods. New York:1873
Barker, Lady. [Mary Anne Broome] First lessons in the principles of cooking . London: 1874
Buckmaster, John. Buckmaster's cookery. London: 1874
Chase, Alvin. Dr. Chase's family physician, farrier, bee-keeper, and second receipt book 1874
Harland, Marion. [Pseud.] Common Sense In The Household: A Manual Of Practical Housewifery. 1874 [c1870]
Tyson, M.L. The Queen of the Kitchen: a collection of "old Maryland" family receipts. Phila: 1874
Walsh, John. A manual of domestic economy: suited to families spending from $150 to $1500 1874
Wood, Alvin. Dr. Chase's Family Physician, Farrier, Bee-keeper, and Second Receipt Book. Toledo, OH: 1874


Gouffe, Jules. Le Livre de Soupes. Paris: 1875
Harland, Marion [Pseud.]. Breakfast, Luncheon And Tea. New York, 1875
Horsford, Eben Norton. Report on Vienna bread.1875
Kellogg, John. Household Manual of Domestic Hygiene, Foods and Drinks. Battle Creek, Mich: 1875
Mason, Mary Ann Bryan. The Young Housewife's Counsellor.... [1875]
Philp, Robert. The Lady's every-day book. London: 1875
Barringer, Maria. Dixie Cookery. Boston: 1876 6th ed
Henderson, Mary F. Practical Cooking and Dinner Giving. New York: 1876.
Hooper, Mary. Cookery for invalids, persons of delicate digestion, and for children. London: 1876
How to make candy. Hartford: 1875
Jeaffreson, John Cordy. A book about the table, Vol 1 London: 1875
Jeaffreson, John Cordy. A book about the table, Vol 2 London: 1875
Southgate, Henry. Things a lady would like to know concerning domestic management. 1875
Chase, Alvin. Dr. Chase's recipes 1876 (1860, 1864)
The home cook book. Home for the Friendless. Chicago: 1876
The home cook book: Tried and true recipes. Christ Church. Toledo: 1876
Hooper, Mary. Little dinners: how to serve them with elegance and economy 1876
Jerrold, Blanchard. The book of menus, London: 1876
Myers, Ella. The Centennial Cook Book. Phila: 1876
The People's Housekeeper. London: 1876
Tegetmeier, William. The scholars' handbook of household management and cookery. London: 1876
Dallas, Eneas. Kettner's book of the table. London: 1877
Fish, flesh, and fowl: a book of recipes for cooking. Ladies of State Street Parish. Portland: 1877
Hood's Cook Book, Number One (Reprint), 1877.
Jones, Lucy. Puddings & Sweets, 365 receipts. London: 1877
Kirkland, Elizabeth. Six little cooks, or, Aunt Jane's cooking class 1877
Melrose household treasure. Congregational Society. 1877
The Official handbook for the National training school for cookery. London: 1877
Payne, Arthur. Common-sense papers on cookery. London: 1877
Wigley, SS. Cookery and home comforts. London: 1877
Wilcox, Estelle Woods. Buckeye Cookery, and Practical Housekeeping. Minneapolis: 1877
American and other drinks. Tinsley Brothers, 1878
Beasley, Henry. The druggist's general receipt book 1878
Gothard, Barbara. Lessons on cookery. London: 1878
Haney, Jesse. The Candy-maker. 1878
Harland, Marion. The Dinner Year Book. NY: c1878
Jerrold, Blanchard. The dinner bell: a gastronomic manual. London: 1878
Mathews, Henry. The housewife's companion 1878
Shaw, OM. Mrs. Shaw's receipt book and housekeeper's assistant. Portland, ME: 1878
Shute, TS. The American housewife: cook book, Parts 1-2 1878
Stewart, Isabella. The Home Messenger Book of Tested Receipts. Detroit: 1878 2d
Tyree, Marion Fontaine Cabell. Housekeeping In Old Virginia. Richmond: 1878
Mrs. Winslow's Domestic Receipt Book 1878.
Addison, Kate. Economical cookery for the middle classes. London: 1879
Buck, William. The 'little housewife', or, Domestic economy for schools. 1879
Buckton, Catherine. Food and home cookery. 3d London: 1879
Corson, Juliet Corson. Cooking school text book. New York: 1879
Jewry, Mary. Warne's model cookery and housekeeping book. New Ed. London: 1879
Parloa, Maria. First Principles of Household Management and Cookery: A Text-book. Boston: 1879
Warren, Eliza. How the Lady-help taught girls to cook and be useful. London: 1879


Francatelli, Charles Elme. The Modern Cook. London: 1880
Murrey, Thomas. Valuable Cooking Receipts. NY: 1880
Beecher, H. W., Mrs. All around the house, or, How to make homes happy. Toronto: 1881.
Fisher, Abby. What Mrs. Fisher Knows About Old Southern Cooking, San Francisco: 1881
The Horseford Almanac and Cook Book, 1881. Published by the Rumford Chemical Works, Providence. E.N. Horsford, Prest.
The Household Cyclopedia. 1881
Housekeeping in the Blue Grass. Ladies of the Presbyterian Church, Paris, Ky. Cincinnati: 1881 enlarged ed.
Howard, Jane. Fifty Years in a Maryland Kitchen. Phila: 1881 4th ed. [1873]
Ryan, Catherine. Convalescent Cookery: A Family Handbook. London: 1881
Skuse, E. The confectioners' hand-book… art of sugar boiling… 100 ill. London: 1881
Williamson, D. Supplement to The practice of cookery and pastry. Edinburgh: 1881
Joncourt, Marie de. Wholesome cookery. London: 1882
Parloa, Maria. Miss Parloa's New Cook Book: A Guide to Marketing and Cooking. New York: 1882
Reeve, Christine. Cookery and Housekeeping. London: 1882
Richards, Ellen The chemistry of cooking and cleaning. Boston: 1882
Smith, John. A dictionary of popular names of the plants which furnish the natural and acquired wants of man. London: 1882
Cassell's dictionary of cookery. London: 1883
Harland, Marion. The Cottage Kitchen: A Collection of Practical and Inexpensive Receipts 1883
The housekeeper's friend. Boston: Great London Tea Co London: 1883
Sim, Margaret. Margaret Sim's Cookery. Edinburgh: 1883
Wilcox, Estelle Woods. Practical Housekeeping...revised and enlarged edition. Minneapolis: 1883
Corson, Juliet, Every-day cookery, table talk, and hints for the laundry Chicago :1884
Ellsworth, Milon. The Successful Housekeeper. Detroit: 1884
Favorite Receipt Book and Business Directory by Church of the Holy Comforter (Baltimore, Md.). 1884
Harland, Marion. Cookery for Beginners: A Series of Familiar Lessons for Young Housekeepers 1884
Lincoln, Mary Johnson. Mrs. Lincoln's Boston Cook Book: What To Do and What Not To Do in Cooking. Boston: 1884
Murrey, Thomas. Fifty Soups. NY: 1884
Murrey, Thomas. Salads and Sauces. NY: 1884
Williams, Henry T. Household hints and recipes. Boston: 1884.


Clarke, Edith. High-class cookery recipes. London: 1885
Davies, Mary. The Menu Cookery Book...moderate incomes. London: 1885
Harder, Jules. The Physiology of taste. San Fran: 1885
Hearn, Lafcadio. La Cuisine Creole, New Orleans: c1885
Holt, Vincent. Why not eat Insects? London: 1885
Huntington, Emily, The cooking garden: a systematized course of cooking for pupils of all ages. New York : c1885
Marshall, Agnes B. The Book of Ices: Including Cream and Water Ices, Sorbets, Mousses, Iced Souffles... London: 1885
Murrey, Thomas. Fifty Salads. NY: 1885
Ransom's Family Receipt Book. new every year. Buffalo: 1885.
Soule, H. H. Canoe and Camp Cookery. NY: 1885
Wicken, Harriet. The Kingswood cookery book. London: 1885
Williams, William Mattieu. The chemistry of cookery. New York: 1885
Bickerdyke, John. The Curiosities of Ale & Beer: an Entertaining History. 1886
Burr, Mrs. Hattie A. The Woman Suffrage Cook Book. Boston: c1886
Corson, Juliet. Miss Corson's Practical American Cookery And Household Management. New York: 1886
The ladies' handbook and household assistant: A manual of religious & table etiquette... Fitchburg, Mass.: Published in behalf of the Ladies' Society of the ME Church, 1886
Murrey, Thomas. Book of Entrees. NY: 1886
Rorer, Sarah Tyson. Philadelphia Cook Book: A Manual of Home Economics. Phila: 1886
Tyson, M.L. The Queen of the Kitchen: a collection of Southern cooking receipts. Phila: 1886
Washington, Mrs. The Unrivalled Cook-book and Housekeeper's Guide. NY: 1886
Bostwick, Lucy Standard (Watson), Margery Daw in the kitchen and what she learned there. Auburn, N.Y. :1887
Brannt, William. The Techno-chemical Receipt Book: Containing Several Thousand Receipts. Phila: 1887
de Salis, Mrs. Harriet. Savouries à la mode. London: 1887
Gillette, F.L. White House Cook Book. Chicago: 1887
Kirmess Cook-book. Boston: 1887
Murrey, Thomas. Cookery for Invalids. NY: 1887
Murrey, Thomas. Practical Carving. NY: 1887
Parloa, Maria. Miss Parloa's Kitchen Companion. NY: 1887 19th ed
Shillaber, Lydia. Mrs. Shillaber's Cook-Book. NY: 1887
Smith, Mary. Temperance Cook Book. San Jose: 1887
Beeton, Isabella. The Book of Household Management. rev and enlarged. London: 1888
de Salis, Mrs. Harriet. Dressed game and poultry. London: 1888
Holbrook, M. L. Eating for strength. New York: c1888
The Household Cyclopedia. 1888
Murrey, Thomas. Oysters and Fish. NY: 1888
Rorer, Sarah Tyson. Hot Weather Dishes. Phila.: 1888
Sulz, Charles. A Treatise on Beverages: Or, The Complete Practical Bottler. NY: 1888
Aunt Babette's Cook Book: Foreign and Domestic Receipts for the Household. Cincinnati: c1889
de Salis, Mrs. Harriet. Puddings and Pastry a la mode. London: 1889
Filippini, Alexander. The Table: How to Buy Food, how to Cook It, and how to Serve it. NY: 1889
Wells, Robert. The Pastrycook & confec. guide for hotels, rest. London: 1889
Whitehead, Jessup. The steward's handbook and guide to party catering: in five acts. Chicago : 1889.


Abel, Mary W. Hinman. Practical Sanitary and Economic Cooking Adapted to Persons of Moderate and Small Means. New York: 1890
Encyclopedia of Household Information. Chicago: 1890
French, Edwin. Food for the sick and how to prepare it. Louisville: 1900
Garrett, Theodore. The Encyclopedia of Practical Cookery. 8v 1890
Gems of fancy cookery: a collection of reliable and useful household recipes. Goderich, Ont.: [1890?]
How to Carve, ca. 1890s
Murphy, Charles J., American Indian corn (maize) a cheap, wholesome, and nutritious human food. Edinburgh :1890.
Wells, Robert. The Bread and Biscuit Baker's and Sugar-Boiler's Assistant. London: 1890
Wilcox, Estelle Woods. The New Practical Housekeeping. Minneapolis: 1890
Garrett, Theodore. The Encyclopedia of Practical Cookery. 8v 1891
Lincoln, Mary. Boston school kitchen text-book. Boston: 1891
Marshall, Agnes B. Mrs. A.B. Marshall's Larger Cookery Book of Extra Recipes. London: [1891] 1902
Payne, A.G. Cassell's Vegetarian Cookery London: 1891
Rorer, Sarah Tyson. How to Cook Vegetables. NY: Burpee & Co. 1891
Cassell's dictionary of cookery. London: 1892
Cooley, Arnold. Cooley's Cyclopædia of Practical Receipts and Collateral Information in the Arts, Manufactures. London: 1892 7th
Goodfellow, John. The dietetic value of bread. London;1892.
Wells, Robert. The Modern Practical Bread Baker. Manchester: 1892
Boland, Mary A., A handbook of invalid cooking. New York :1893
Buckland, Anne. Our Viands: Whence They Come and how They are Cooked, with a Bundle of Old Recipes from Cookery. London: 1893
Burr, Mrs. Clarence. What Shall We Have to Eat? The Question Answered, Or, A Bill of Fare for Every Day. Framingham, MA: 1893
Kellogg, E. E. Science In The Kitchen. Chicago: 1893
Muskett, Philip E. The Art of Living in Australia, Sidney, 1893
Kellogg, E. E. Science In The Kitchen. Chicago: 1893
Shuman, Carrie V. Favorite Dishes, A Columbian autograph souvenir cookery book. Chicago: 1893
Tanty, Francois. La Cuisine Francaise. French Cooking for Every home. Adapted to American Requirements. Chicago: c.1893
Gibson, Marietta. Mrs. Charles H. Gibson's Maryland and Virginia cook book. Baltimore: 1894
Green, Ralph. Green's Receipt Book: Containing a Valuable Collection of Receipts for Cakes and Ice Creams. Concord, NH: 1894
Marshall, Agnes B. Fancy Ices. London: 1894
Parloa, Maria. Miss Parloa's Young Housekeeper...beginners...for two or three. Boston: 1894
Rorer, Sarah Tyson. Dainties. Phila: 1894
Ranhofer, Charles. The Epicurean. New York: 1894
Recipes Tried and True. Compiled by the Ladies' Aid Society of the First Presbyterian Church, Marion, Ohio: 1894
Robbins, Bertha. Pleasantville Cook-book. NY: 1894
Vine, Frederick. Practical Pastry: A Handbook for Pastrybakers, Cooks and Confectioners. London: 1894


de Salis, Mrs. Harriet. National viands à la mode. London: 1895
Murrey, Thomas. The Murrey Collection of Cookery Books. NY: 1895
Richards, Amy G. Cookery. Montréal: 1895
Ronald, Mary. The Century Cook Book. NY: 1895
Thudichum, J. L. W. Cookery, its art and practice. London: 1895
Farmer, Fannie Merritt. The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book. Boston: 1896.
Harland, Marion. Ladies' Home Cook Book: A Complete Manual of Household Duties ... bills of fare.. 1896
Harland, Marion. The National Cook Book. 1896
Sala, George Augustus. The Thorough Good Cook. 1896
Tschirky, Oscar. The Cook Book, by "Oscar" of the Waldorf. Chicago: 1896
United States Subsistence Dept. Manual for Army Cooks, Washington: 1896
Vine, Frederick. Biscuits for Bakers: Easy to Make and Profitable to Sell. London: 1896
Author unknown. Fullständigaste Svensk-Amerikansk Kokbok = Swedish-English Cookbook. Chicago: 1897.
Benedict, Jennie C., A choice collection of tested receipts, with a chapter on preparation of food for the sick. Louisville: 1897
Davidis, Henriette. Henriette Davidis' Practical Cook Book, From The German Ed. Milwaukee: 1897
Hood's practical cook's book. Hood & Co. Lowell, Mass. 1897 pic
Rorer, Sarah Tyson. New Salads for Dinners, Luncheons, Suppers and Receptions... Phila: 1897
Townsend, George H. The relation of food to health and premature death. St. Louis: 1897
Cameron, Ida. Miss Cameron's Cookery Book. London: 1898
de Salis, Mrs. Harriet. The Housewife's Referee. London: 1898
Garrett, Theodore. The Encyclopedia of Practical Cookery. 8v 1898
Hill, A. P. Mrs. Hill's new cook-book. NY: 1898 (1867)
Johnson, Helen Louise, The Enterprising Housekeeper. 1898
Rorer, Sarah Tyson. Good Cooking. Phila: 1898
Rorer, Sarah Tyson. Left Overs. Phila: 1898
Taylor, Margaret. The New Galt Cook Book. Toronto: 1898
Parloa, Maria, 1843-1909. Home economics. New York: c1898
Blandy, John. The bakers' guide and practical assistant to the art of bread making. 4th London: 1899
Hamer, Sarah. The Dictionary of Dainty Breakfasts. London: 1899
Hill, Janet McKenzie. Salads, Sandwiches and Chafing-dish Dainties: With Thirty-two Illustrations ...1899
Lincoln, Mrs. D. A. Frozen Dainties, Fifty Choice Receipts. Nashua: 1899
Rorer, Sarah Tyson. Cereal Foods and How to Cook Them, 1899

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