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Cookbooks 1911 - World War 1

Estes, Rufus. Good things to eat. Chicago: 1911.
Harland, Marion. Home Making. Boston: 1911
The Kitchen Encyclopedia, Fifth Edition. Swift & Company, 1911
Ward, Artemas. The Grocer's Encyclopedia., New York: 1911.
Choice Desserts, Gordon & Dilworth's Table Delicacies, 1912
Cuisine, Voolrath Co., ca.1912
Fryer, Jane Eayre. The Mary Frances Cook Book. Philadelphia: 1912
Isola, Antonia. [pseud] Simple Italian Cookery. New York: 1912
Rorer, Sarah Tyson. Canning and Preserving. Rev & Enlarged. Phila: 1912
Rorer, Sarah Tyson. How to Use a Chafing Dish. Rev & Enlarged ed. Phila: 1912
Rorer, Mrs. S. T. Many ways for cooking eggs. [1912?]
Rorer, Sarah Tyson. Sandwiches. Rev & Enlarged ed. Phila: 1912
War Time Cook and Health, Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co., 1912

Howard, Jane. Fifty Years in a Maryland Kitchen. reworked by Florence Brobeck. Baltimore: 1913
Keoleian, Ardashes Hagop. The Oriental Cook Book, New York: 1913.
Mitchell, Margaret Johnes. The fireless cook book, New York: 1913
Parloa, Maria. Choice Recipes: Chocolate and Cocoa Recipes, 1913
Williams, Martha McCulloch. Dishes & Beverages Of The Old South. NY: 1913
Bosse, Sara. Watanna, Onoto. Chinese-Japanese Cook Book, Chicago: c1914
Child, Georgie. The efficient Kitchen...planning, arranging and equipping. NY: 1914
Conley, Emma. Principles of cooking: a textbook. NY: c1914
Council of Jewish Women. The Neighborhood Cook Book, Portland: 1914
Edwords, Clarence E. The Elegant Art of Dining. Bohemian San Francisco Its Restaurants,1914
Gillmore, Maria McIlvaine. Meatless cookery. New York: c1914]
Gurney, Lydia Maria. Things Mother used to make. New York: 1914
Neil, Marion. Canning, preserving and pickling. Phila: c1914
Seely, Lida. Mrs. Seely's Cook Book: A Manual of French and American Cookery. NY: 1914

Allinson, Thomas R. Dr. Allinson's Cookery Book...Vegetarian Recipes, 1915
Bache, Elizabeth Du Bois. When mother lets us make candy. NY: 1915
Dainty Deserts for Dainty People, Knox Gelatine, 1915
Daniel, Florence. The Healthy Life Cook Book by Florence Daniel, 1915
The Dispenser's Formulary, or, Soda Water Guide. 3d revised NY: 1915
The economical cook book. Ottawa: 1915
Frederick, Christine. Meals that cook themselves and cut the costs. New Haven: [c1915
Hill, Janet McKenzie. Canning, preserving and jelly making. Boston: 1915
Hiller, Elizabeth. Fifty-two Sunday Dinners. Chicago: 1915
Luck, Mrs. Brian. The Belgian Cook-book, 1915
Metcalf, Martha. Student's manual in household arts. 1915
Nesbitt, Florence. Low cost cooking. Chicago: 1915
Parloa, Maria. Home Economics: A Guide to Household Management. New and Enlarged Ed. NY: 1915
Rorer, Mrs. S. T. Ice Creams, Water Ices, Frozen Puddings.... [Philly?] 1915
Rorer, Mrs. S. T. Made-over Dishes.
The Story of Carnation Milk, From Contented Cows., 1915
Thomas, Edith M. Mary At The Farm...Pennsylvania Germans, Norristown: 1915.

Excellent Recipes for Baking Raised Breads, The Fleischmann Company, 1916
Kinne, Helen. Foods and household management: a textbook. NY: 1916
Neil, Marion Harris. The Story of Crisco. 1916
Williams, Mary. Elements of the theory and practice of cookery. NY: 1916
55 Ways to Save Eggs, Royal Baking Powder Co., 1917
Best War Time Recipes, Royal Baking Powder Co., 1917
Bullock, Thomas. The Ideal Bartender. St. Louis: c1917.
Gold Medal Flour Cookbook, Washburn-Crosby Co. Minneapolis: 1917
Greenough, Marietta. Better meals for less money. NY: 1917
How To Do Pickling, A Book... Dr. D. Jayne & Son. Philadelphia: 1917
Lincoln, Mary. The school kitchen textbook. Boston: 1917
Stern, Frances. Food for the worker: the food values and cost of a series of menus... Boston: 1917
Watkins Almanac, Home Doctor And Cookbook 50th Anniversary, 1868 - 1917
Holt, Emily. The complete housekeeper N.Y.: 1917, c1903

Blunt, Katharine, Food Guide for War Service at Home, 1918
Cruess, W Home and farm food preservation. NY: 1918
Dowd, Mary. Food, its composition and preparation: a textbook. NY: 1918
Farmer, Fannie. The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book, 1918
Food and the war: a textbook for college classes. Boston: c1918
Food guide for war service at home. New York: c1918
Food saving and sharing: telling how the older children of America may help save from famine their comrades in allied lands across the sea. Garden City :1918.
Food Surprises from the Mirro Test Kitchen, ca. 1918
Goudiss, C. Houston. Foods that will win the war: and how to cook them, New York: [c1918]
Hill, Janet McKenzie. Economical War-time Cook Book. NY: 1918
Hiller, Elizabeth. The Corn Cook Book. NY: 1918
Hughes, Mary Catherine. Everywomans canning book. Boston:1918.
Rose, Mary Swartz. Everyday foods in war time, New York: 1918
Stewart, Frances. Lessons in cookery. Chicago: c1918-1920.
Twentieth Century Club War Time Cook Book Pittsburgh: 1918

Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences. Woman's Institute Library of Cookery. 1918
1: Essentials of Cookery; Cereals; Bread; Hot Breads
2: Milk, Butter and Cheese; Eggs; Vegetables
3: Soup; Meat; Poultry and Game; Fish and Shell Fish
4: Salads and Sandwiches; Cold and Frozen Desserts; Cakes, Cookies and Puddings; Pastries and Pies
5: Fruit and Fruit Desserts; Canning and Drying; Jelly Making, Preserving and Pickling; Confections; Beverages; the Planning of Meals

Burt, Emily Rose. Entertaining Made Easy. 1919
A Complete Course in Canning. 1919
Gentile, Maria. The Italian Cook Book. New York: 1919.
Greenbaum, Florence Kreisler. The International Jewish Cook Book. 1919
Hirtzler, Victor. The Hotel St. Francis Cook Book. Chicago: [c1919]
Igleheart's Cake Secrets, All recipes tested and approved by Mrs. Janet McKenzie Hill. 1919
Table Cookery the Armstrong Way, 1919
Vaughan's vegetable Cookbook. 1919
War Gardening and Home Storage of Vegetables. National War Garden Commission. D.C.: 1919
Wiley, Harvey Washington. Beverages and Their Adulteration: Origin, Composition, Manufacture. Phila: 1919

Bush, Rebecca. What and How. Wilmington, Del.: 1920
Chambers, Mary. Breakfasts, luncheons and dinners. Boston: 1920
Cushing, Frank Hamilton. Zuni Breadstuff. New York: Museum of the American Indian, 1920.
Gray, Grace Viall. Every Step in Canning. 1920
Greer, Carlotta C. School and Home Cooking. 1920
Knapp, Arthur W. Cocoa and Chocolate: Their History from Plantation to Consumer. London: 1920
Ladies of Perry, Kansas. The Perry Home Cook Book. 1920
The New Dr. Price Cook book... Dr. Price's Phosphate Baking Powder, Chicago: 1921
Waters, Mrs. W. G. The Cook's Decameron a study in taste containing over two hundred recipes for Italian dishes. [1920]
Wilson, Mary A. Mrs. Wilson's Cook Book: Numerous new recipes based on present economic conditions. Phila. 1920
Chambers, Mary. Principles of food preparation: a manual for students. Boston: Boston Cooking-school, 1921
U.S. Dept of Ag. The well-planned kitchen. GPO: 1921?
Goudiss, C. Houston. Eating vitamines: how to know and prepare the foods that supply these invisible life-guards. NY: 1922.
Good housekeeping's book of menus, recipes, and household discoveries. NY: c1922
Lansdown, Lillian B. How To Prepare And Serve A Meal And Interior Decoration. 1922
Dry Yeast As an Aid to Health, 1923
Huddleson, Mary. Food for the diabetic. NY: 1923
Wellman, Mabel. Food planning and preparation: a junior course. Phila: c1923
Allen, Ida. Mrs. Allen on Cooking, Menus, Service. NY: 1924
Merritt, Raleigh H. From Captivity to Fame or the Life of George Washington Carver. Boston: 1929 [105 peanut recipes, others, from Carver's Bulletins]
Lansdown, Lillian B. How to Prepare and Serve a Meal and Interior Decoration
Howard, Jane. Fifty Years in a Maryland Kitchen. reworked by Florence Brobeck. NY: M. Barrows [c1944] completely revised

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