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Pre 1400 books and manuscripts

Cookery and Dining in Imperial Rome by Apicius. c400
Antiquitates Culinariae, or Curious Tracts Relating to the Culinary Affairs of the Old English, [medieval menus, recipes collected by Richard Warner, 1791]
Aldobrandino da Siena. Le Régime du corps. France: late 13th
The so called Harpestreng cookbook. 13th cen.
An Anonymous Andalusian Cookbook of the 13th Cen
Italian cookbooks (14c-16c)
Enseignements. c1300 Trans. from the French
Kokebokmanuskript Manuscript cookbook. Norway: c1300
Liber de coquina, ubi diuersitates ciborum docentur. Latin. early 14th cen
Libro della Cocina. Translation. late 14th/15th cen
Libro di cucina 14/15th cen. Translation
Ein Buch von Guter Spise. German: c1350
Le Viandier de Taillevent. 1350 trans from the French
Ein Buch von guter spise. c1354 translated
Pegge, Samuel. The Forme of Cury. 1390 1780
Le Menagier de Paris. c1393 translated
A Cookery Book MS. Menus for Feasts in 1397 (John of Gaunt) and 1443

1400 books and manuscripts

Due Libre B. Early 15th Cen, Southern Italy
Libro di cucina 14/15th cen. translation
Chiquart, Maistre. Du fait de cuisine. 1420 translated
Vivendier. French, c1425- mid 15th cen
Liber cure Cocorum 1430
Das Kochbuch des Meisters Eberhard mid 15th trans from the German
Ein Kochbuch aus dem Archiv des Deutschen Ordens. German, 1450-1500 (earliest East Prussia, Königsberg)
Rossi, Maestro Martino. Libro de arte coquinaria, late 1450s
John Russell's Book of Nurture. 1460
Chavillat. I. Recuil de Riom. France: 1466
A Noble boke off cookry ffor a prynce houssolde or eny other estately houssolde. Holkham Hall MS. 1468
Rheinfrankisches Kochbuch. c1445 translation
Two fifteenth-century cookery-books
The convolute Gent KANTL 15. Dutch c1475-16th
A Treatise of Portuguese Cuisine from the 15th Century. Livro de Cozinha da Infanta D. Maria. c1480-c1510
Keukenboek or Wel ende edelike spijse. 15th cen. translation
A Treatise of Portuguese Cuisine from the 15th Century
Gentyll manly Cokere. MS Pepys 1047. Late 15th cen
Recipes in British Library, MS Harley 5401 late 15th cen

1500 books and manuscripts

Wel ende edelike spijse. Good and Noble Food. Dutch: 1500
Manual de mugeres. Manual of Women. Translated . Spanish, 16th cen
Manual de mujeres en el cual se contienen muchas y diversas recetas muy buenas (Spanish, 16th cent.)
The Boke of Kervynge. 1508
Nederlandsche kookboek. Thomas vander Noot. Brussel c1510
Een notabel boecxken van cokeryen. Brussels: c1514
Nola, Robert de Nola, Libre de doctrina per a ben servir, de tallar y del art de coch. Part 1 Logrono: 1529
Nola, Robert de Nola, Libre de doctrina per a ben servir, de tallar y del art de coch. Part 2 Logrono: 1529
A Propre new booke of Cokery, 1545
Welserin, Sabina. Das Kochbuch. 1553
Augspurger Kochbuoch (German, c. 1554) [in 1886]
A Proper newe Booke of Cokerye, mid-16th
Nyeuwen Coock Boeck 1560
Koch vnd Kellermeisterey (German, 1566)
The commonplace book of Countess Katherine Seymour Hertford. 1567
Scappi. Opera Di Bartolomeo Scappi 1570
The Treasurie of commodious Conceits by John Partridge. 1573
A Proper New Booke of Cookery. 1575
Marx Rumpolt, Ein New Kochbuch. translated German, 1581
Rumpolt, Marx. Ein New Kochbuch. Frankfurt, Germany: c1581
Rumpolt, Marx. Ein New Kochbuch. 1581. portions translated
W., A. A Book of Cookrye (now newlye enlarged) 1591
Eenen seer schoonen ende excellenten Cocboeck 1593
The good Huswifes Handmaide for the Kitchin. 1594
Dawson, Thomas. The Good Huswifes Jewell, 1596
Dawson, Thomas. The Second part of the good Hus-wiues Jewell. London: 1597
Weckler, Anna. Ein Köstlich new Kochbuch. 1598
Weckler, Anna. Ein Köstlich new Kochbuch. 1598. transcription

1600 books and manuscripts

Oveture de Cuisine. 1604 Trans from the French
Hernandez de Maceras, Domingo. Libro de Cozina. Spanish, 1607
Plat, Hugh. Delightes for Ladies. Longon: 1609
Scappi. Opera Di Bartolomeo Scappi 1610
Tractatus de modo preparandi et condiendi omnia cibaria. Paris: c1610
Koge-Bog. First printed Nordic Cookbook. 1616
Murrell, John. A new booke of Cookerie 1615
Koge Bog. 1616 Copenhagen. translated
Scappi. Opera Di Bartolomeo Scappi 1622
Gerard, John. Herball or General Historie of Plantes. [culinary gleanings ]1633
Colmenero de Ledesma, Antonio. Chocolata Inda. .. Nuremberg: 1644
Culpeper, Nicholas. The English physitian: or an astrologo-physical discourse of the vulgar herbs of this nation. London. 1652
A BOOK OF Fruits & Flowers SHEWING The Nature and Use of them, either for Meat or Medicine. London: 1653
Bonnefons, Nicolas de. Les Delices de la Campagne. 1655 [1654]
Bonnefons, Nicolas de. The French Gardiner.. London: 1658 Translated by John Evelyn
Ruthven, Lord Patrick. The Ladies Cabinet Enlarged and Opened. London: 1658
W.M. The Compleat Cook. 1658
Bonnefons, Nicolas de. Le Jardinier françois. Amsteldam: 1661 [1651]
Bonnefons, Nicolas de. Les Delices de la Campagne. 1662 [1654]
Stubbe, Henry. The Indian Nectar, or a Discourse concerning Chocolata… London: 1662
Culpeper, Nicholas. The English Physitian enlarged London. 1666
Digby, Kenelm. The closet of Sir Kenelm Digby Knight Opened. 1669
De Verstandige kock. Amsterdam: 1669
A Queens Delight 1671
Woolley, Hannah. The Gentlewoman's Companion. 1675
Worlidge, John. Vinetum Britannicum... Treatise of Cider London: 1678
Markham, Gervaise. The English Housewife. 1683
Markham, Gervase. The English Huswife, London: 1683 (1615)
May, Robert. The Accomplisht Cook. 1685
Ein Koch- Und Artzney-Buch (German, 1686) Austria's earliest printed cookbook
Bonnefons, Nicolas de. The French Gardiner… directions to dry and conserve them… London: 1691
Audiger, Louis Lacour. Memoires d'Audiger, limonadier a Paris, XVIIe siecle. [1692] Paris: 1869
Schrřder, Helle. manuscript cookbook. National Library, Oslo, Norway: 1692
Evelyn, John. Acetaria: A Discourse of Sallets. London: 1699
Evelyn, John. Kalendarium Hortense: Or, The Gard'ner's Almanae. London: 1699
The Book where I write dishes of fish, crayfish, oysters, snails, vegetables, salads and other dishes for fast and non-fast days. In their serving order. Romanian cookbook 17th cen.

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