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Before you decide to breed sun conures there are things to consider before buying them, NOISE, sun conures are VERY noisy especially when it is feed time and early in the morning. If you buy a pair that have breed for the previous owners take caution and consider why they are selling there breeding stock, they maybe selling them because they breed unsuccessfully and had problems when they breed, such as egg eating or abandoning the nest and the young birds die.

I recommend buying 2 young unrelated birds and pair them up together, but you might have to wait 1-2 years before they breed.  I waited 2 years for my 2 year old pair to breed and there first clutch was unsuccessful this is because they are young and inexperienced.   

I breed my sun conures in a suspended aviary, they are easy to keep clean and there is little maintenance, the suspended aviary measures 2m long x .9m square.  The nest box is mounted on the inside of the cage and measures 350mm deep x 250 wide x 250 long and a 75mm hole 2in from the top of the box with a 2in thick bed of pine or hardwood shavings NOT TREATED, corks may also be placed in the bottom of the nest box as well, they chew the corks and this stops them from destroying the box.  The nest box is made out of 12mm thick ply wood.  Sun conures breed in the warmer months of the year, October-January, and have a clutch size of 2-4 eggs; incubation period is 24-25 days.

I feed my sun conures small parrot mix which is always available and in the afternoon they receive soaked large parrot seed with cal civet and egg and biscuit mix sprinkled on top along with apple, corn, grape, silver beet, carrot and broccoli.

When young sun conures are about 3 weeks old they can be taken out for hand raising these colorful birds make excellent pets