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Suspended aviaries, very little maintenance and very easy to keep clean, droppings just fall strait through the wire on to the grass and birds do not come in contact with fecal matter lowering the risk of disease spread and food contamination.


Conventional aviaries, These require more maintenance than suspended aviaries because they have a floor and this increases the risk of contamination from fecal matter, god things about conventional is that you can have contact with the birds not like suspended were there is little to no contact with the birds.  But the choice of suspended or conventional is only up to the breeders situation or landscape.

Large parrot cages, These cages are great for breeding budgies or lovebirds in, these too are very easy to maintain because the fecal matter and seed husk fall straight into a pull out tray.

Breeding Cabinet, This cabinet has 6 sections, 600mm square compartment, and is perfect for breeding lovebirds, budgies, finches or canaries.  There are coke bottles turned upside down and a 1/8 hole drilled in the lid, there is a drop of water at the tip of the hole and the birds dink it. 

This breeding cabinet is for sale