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This popular Australian parrot comes in various color mutations and is relatively easy to breed.

Cockatiels will breed all year round but it is best to take the nest box out during winter to give them a break.

A small to medium suspended or convention aviary is best and they can even be breed in a breeding cabinet.  I use both suspended and conventional aviaries, my suspended aviaries measures 2m long x .9m wide x .9m high and .9m of the ground. 

I also breed cockatiels in a mixed collection, conventional aviary and do very well in there but I found that only ONE pair should only be breed in a mixed collection as they fight over nests, but I do have non breeding cockatiels in with them and they donít fight.  The conventional aviary measures 1.8m wide x 2.7m long and 3.5m high. 

Cockatiels will get on with most small parrots and finches, in my mixed collection aviary I have Cockatiels, budgies, star finches, zebra finches, double bar finches and some king quail. 

I use a ply wood constructed nest box which measures 350mm deep x 250 wide x 250 long and a 75mm hole 2in from the top of the box with a 2in thick bed of pine or hardwood shavings NOT TREATED. 

Cockatiels have a clutch size of about 3-7 and incubation period is about 19 days. 

These birds, when hand raised make adorable pets and the males tend to pick up a few words and even mimic the phone or laughing.