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This little South African parrot is becoming more popular in aviculture as the color mutations increase. 

Lovebirds are relatively easy to breed and will do so all year round. 

Pet lovebirds can be housed in a medium size parrot cage and if breeding can be housed in a cabinet complex, suspended or conventional aviary, they can also be breed in large parrot cages.  I breed my lovebirds in a cabinet complex and also in large parrot cages, I Find that I have more successes breeding in pair in a large parrot cage as they have more room to move around in than the breeding cabinet, if bred as a colony in suspended or conventional aviaries the adult birds tend to attach the young birds when they fledge. 

A breeding box measuring 250 long x 140 high x 110 wide should be constructed of 1 inch ply wood, do not use soft wood as these birds are very destructive and will soon make a meal out of a box made from soft timber, The box is best mounted on the outside, I found that if the box is placed on the inside the birds tend to chew the corners off.


A layer of pine wood shavings should be placed in the bottom of the box, also twigs and bark should be placed in the cage for them to chew and take into there nest box, if news paper is used to line the bottom of the cage it will soon be shredded in to little strips which is hard to clean out I found that if hay is used to line the bottom of the cage the birds soon chew it and place it in there tail and take it up to there nest box and be used to make there nest.

 Incubation period is approx 23 days and a clutch size of 3-8 eggs.

A good quality small parrot mix should be feed to the birds as well as fruit and vegetables and some sprouted seed, cuttle bone should be available as a source of calcium, shell grit and fresh water should always be available. 

Color mutations of peach faced lovebirds which I keep are yellow, green, blue, slate head, yellow green pied, white faced pied and a pair of blue black masked lovebirds, there are other species such as the Fischerís, Nyasa and Madagascar lovebirds and they also come in color mutations.