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A very cheap and easy brooder to make at home.


  • Kids plastic toy box 

  • Heat pad purchased from chemist 

  • Plastic handle 

  • Perspex to cover front

  • Perspex to cover handle holes on toy box

  • Digital thermometer  

  • 2 hinges 

  • 2L ice cream container

  • Small bolts

Step 1

Screw plastic handle on top of box, 

Step 2 

Bolt Perspex over handles in toy box but 1 bolt at each end and on the corner (refer to diagram below)

This is so the Perspex can pivot open to allow air flow and heat regulation.

Step 3   

Screw handle on to the top of the box

Step 4

Cut Perspex to size of box, and drill 6, 12mm holes in Perspex for ventilation 

Step 5

Bolt hinges to the toy box and Perspex.

Step 6

At the back of the toy box cut a hole large enough for a power plug to pass through. 

Step 7

Insert heat pad and turn on 

Step 8 

Insert probe for the external digital thermometer, to monitor the temperature

Step 9

Run heat pad for a few days to get the temperature regulated for your situation. Adjusts Perspex flaps to allow more or less air flow. 

Step 10

Insert birds in ice cream container and place in brooder

As the bids get older and more feathers develop the Perspex flaps can be opened further to allow more air flow.