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Useful Tips

  • The guidelines leave room for creativity.

  • Ready made textbooks are finite.

  • There is no convincing evidence that the adopted method is the best.

  • Not anything planned can go taught and not anything taught can go learnt; other factors are at play which do effect the learning outcome.

  • What really determines the learning outcome is not weather the textbook is audio-lingual, functional notional or else, it is the teacher's approach to the text book which makes it communicative or non-communicative.

  • Hence, the importance of the language classroom as the real source of information.

  • " order to help our learners learn, it is not the latest method that we need, but rather a fuller understanding of the language classroom and what goes on there." Allright, D. & Bailey (1991)

  • A question not answered is not useful.

  • Lost time is never found.

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