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Random thoughts about teaching...

  1. "I'm being paid for doing my hobby ... Teaching". This is an indication of trustful successful teachers.
  2. "I'm lucky my students are not parrots" is one of the badges of successful teachers.
  3. If silence is generally regarded as a virtue, it is quite a disaster in a language classroom.
  4. To praise students for showing interest in learning is a motivator by itself. Most teachers think that the students are not to be praised unless they get correct answers.
  5. To encourage the students to participate in the making of the lesson is a far important factor to build up their self-confidence.
  6. Students should be partners in the project of the lesson than only passive consumers of data.
  7. The students' output should not necessarily be only answers to the teachers' requirements but questionings and comments as well.
  8. Initiators are better students than those who just react to other's proposals.
  9. Teachers who insist on doing the lesson only, are not educators; whereas teachers' primary function is to educate. The lesson is only a part of the whole complex educational experience.
  10. When the students don't show interest in an activity it's advisable to look for another immediately to allow them to be modulators of the class ambiance.
  11. The artistry of the teacher dwells in her ability to make boring topics interesting by changing and controlling their flow of boredom.
  12. The shy students' inactivity is 50% the teacher's responsibility.
  13. The teacher who makes the classroom a family-home deserves being a messenger of love and wisdom.
  14. He who thinks a teacher's job is easy must just come to bear the students' noise.
  15. When the teacher is out the students would teach each other. Insanity, then, will be the topic of the day.
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