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About this site!

         Abdessalami On_Line has been designed and structured by Mubarak Abdessalami, a teacher of English as a foreign language, whose teaching method is quite special in the sense that it is based essentially on fun. He believes that learning a language should pass by the funny side of the language "everything has an inner light side" and it is up to the teacher to spot and exploit it effectively. It is proven that learners of a foreign language rarely show interest and get involved in lessons easily unless they are motivated; that's because of their unapproachable belief that they won't learn it being difficult or they don't need it for their vocational future life; which always seems inappropriate. 'Foreign' language learners are the least motivated among all learners of languages. They consider it a mere burden as it is of no immediate or crucial importance vis-à-vis their everyday dealings.

         This series of learning pages were officially launched on the web in the year 2001 with the principal aim of providing English language support for Moroccan students in secondary school only. Despite all the difficulties and thanks to perseverance, the teacher stuck to it and never thought to hold up or give up. If he did, surely things would fall apart. Though this site is purely personal without any material gains targeted from building it, he hardly kept it running.

         Later on the site took a global dimension and was to be redirected to fit international students' needs. Asian and Latin American learners were the first to force it change its narrow span objectives to serve all the students in the world for whom English is not even a second language. The burden grows with this new duty and the site was faced up to a climatic turn to essentially fit the needs of the learners of English as a foreign language in its worldwide sphere. The teacher was in a dilemma as he, alone, couldn't afford all that the students expect from his humble site. Furthermore, things grow even more with time by the incoming requests from novice teachers asking for insights in the field of teaching, as a result this teacher branch of the site has been added in April 2006 so as to expand the board to include teachers as well and answer some of the tormenting questions that some teachers pose. The teacher will try –gradually of course- to tackle the different topics which were proposed.

         Many questions were embarrassingly posed to unveil the global nature of the human being as the borders of all sorts, terrestrial, cultural, educational, start to collapse in front of what is peaceably called now the global education that is part of the Globalization system that is nestling around us with or without our consent. Regardless of the negative sides of this new world order, learning is the only thing that can benefit from it. The global education helps people to get nearer and understand each other better. I bet that in few years time some terms like prejudice, stereotypes, and racial discrimination will be a part of the past human gloomy history. If not, we hope this globalization in its educational trend will help a lot to smash all sorts of barriers that, in the past, constituted a tough factor that hinders understanding between people from all over the world and finding a no man's land ground for coexistence which is the normal nature of things.

         Madrasati in the whole, therefore, is meant to humbly foster the noble intentions some people have to bridge the gap between all mankind through thinking differently but speaking the same language. "This site" is a part of this whole.

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