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The redoubtable teaching secret!

         Fun normally stems from the very extraordinary things that happen in day to day life situations. The classroom represents a micro-life situation where funny things happen regularly and can be spotted easily. This is the reason which makes the teacher the fittest to detect the very particularity of funny sides of life better than anybody else. He works within funny situations most of the time because his immediate environment Ė the classroom- is full of bizarre happenings and weird scenes. The teacher can see what most people canít.

         To see things as they actually are, one has to feel them. The teacher uses his feelings -not his eyes- to see, consequently he sees well. He can even see surreptitious things and emotions in people's actions and reactions due to the particular experience he accumulated during the long hours contact with his students. He can see irritation, sadness, boredom and many other abstract things. With this half-gifted faculty, the teacher effectively smells when things go bad. The alert senses of detecting anomalies in the classroom are highly developed in a teacher. These almost supernatural senses make the teacher a "master" and make him more human.

         This is most probably true because the gifted teacher plans his lessons well, but rarely sticks to them. He is always sensible to any change in the surrounding atmosphere he shares with his pupils. Consequently, he can detect the least abnormality that may hinder the normal flow of his connection with the kids. He is used to tense or awkward situations in the classroom, but he has a good device to overcome such apprehensive incongruity. It is fun. The teacher is aware that funny situations can bring about interest and pleasure. Fun is a good motivator, thatís why most teachers are comics and enjoy making their students enjoy the lessons fully. The teacher's secret then is his ability to use the very fun that emerges from within the interaction with the kids. In order for the teacher to motivate his students and to chase away anxiety from his own land of operation notably the classroom, the teacher exploits fun and renders it a pedagogical tool. Check how much do you use in your classroom?

         I once read a funny article about why one should not argue with little children because they show an exceptionally witty reaction to adult remarks. Teachers are hard to argue with as well. Teachers and pupils share the very innate trait of natural fun. Therefore, the most suitable way for both of them to share this enthusiasm for fun is to rely on games where fun initiates and stimulates learning. If the students do not understand the way you teach, it's better to teach them the way they understand. Humour, thus, is the only tool capable of making motivation, engagement, and interaction keep on without interruption.

       Some teachers won't just agree. They argue that fun in the classroom is very risky because some students would seize the opportunity to ruin the objectives of using humour in teaching. Teachers, and particularly teachers, should not generally be too serious because this attitude doesn't correlate with their mission as tutors, monitors and above all leaders to the light of knowledge. On the other hand, being too serious works against them and their nerves. It critically reduces motivation, it causes stress, it exposes teachers to "emotional drainage" and eventually teachers end up in "job burnout". "People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.", Dale Carnegie said. Keep your classroom lively for the sake of learning and your nerves. Never forget that only teachers are contaminated by the "burning out" disease. We all agree that being a teacher is not easy at all; therefore keep your classes sunnier. As Steve Martin said, "A day without sunshine is like, you know, night". Thanks for your attention.

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