Original Works

Amity's Quest, a light-hearted story by Stacy
Summary: An amazon leaves on a quest to find the secret of femininity.

Reality on a Deathbed, a wonderful story by Stacy
Summary: Eric has been telling Rosa about a world of magic, but will she believe him?

The Three Little Pigs, a really cute story by some anonymous person
Summary: The politically correct version of this bedtime tale...interested yet?

How The Toaster Came To Be, a way wicked cool story by Krystyn Poe
Summary: A little folk tale about how the Toaster came to be so reveiered...this should not be read by microwave lovers, but even those who aren't so crazy about the Toaster might enjoy it.

Mission: Implausible, a Mulder Family style story by Krystyn Poe
Summary: A story about how Seifer Peroxide saved the world from the bowling ball eating cursed mouse. Cameos are made by the Mulder family in this way wicked screwed up story that follows the Mulder tradation of...well...screwiness!

The Lost Football Game, a short attempt at a scary story by Randall Mark Luke Davis
Summary: Well, let's just say that this football player's worst nightmare is about to become a reality...

The Hills Are Alive, a cute little story by Brynnian
Summary: Marta gets her dress dirty and she and Brigitta must go on a quest to the Castel of the Green Wall to get it clean before facing the wrath of their father at home...

Attack of the Dancing Nickels...OR...How Dr. Carleton Saved The Internet, a strange little story by Krystyn Poe
Summary: Well, lets see, there's this doctor who has an insane brother who set carnivorus dancing nickels loose and now they want to become the Bill Gates of the Internet. Complete with FBI agents and everything, but written for Father's Day so a couple of the characters are based on real people, but that doesn't mean it's bad right? Right.

I Was Only Seven When The Bees Came to Get Me, a longer, more serious piece of non-fluff by Krystyn Poe
Summary: A look into the mind of a middle-aged man who was traumatized by bees when he was just a little boy.

You Don't Think: You Just Do, a rather depressing piece by Krystyn Poe
Summary: Someone stands on a cliff and starts noticing all the little things right before the end...

Inconsequential Species, a serious piece by Stacy
Summary: Is saving yourself really more important than saving everyone else?

The Azerbaijanian Cold, a hilarious piece by Maggie Mulder
Summary: Once again, title says it all folks.

If Walls Could Speak..., another serious/depressing piece by Krystyn Poe
Summary: A look through the eyes of the walls surrounding one girl's life.

A Day of Normality, a way wicked trippy piece by Krystyn Poe
Summary: A totally screwed up piece pondering the subject of truth.

Beware the BICs!, a lovely rant by The Jellyfish
Summary: The truth about the BIC Conspiracy is finally revieled...

Cass's Column of Totally Useless Yet (hopefully) Strangely Amusing Ponderings, a lovely rant by Cassandra Greysun
Summary: Basically, the title has nothing to do with the subject. It's really a rant about how crayons are destroying society...but it makes sense!

Goodbye X-Files..., a letter by Brynnian
Summary: A letter to the X-Files before they leave the airwaves forever...

And finally, this website is proud to present...

The Mulder Family Stories, a series of stories by Maggie Mulder, Sarah Mulder, and moi
Summary: Well, since there are too many to post here, I figued I'd just let you read them in order on their own website. All of these stories are really trippy, wacked out, and weird, and are not for the feable-minded (and those who mind swearing too much for some). Beware, and enjoy!

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