The Little Blue Notebook

My little blue notebook is really a lot messier and less organised than this one will be. This part of the page will be constantly updated as I find more things to put in my notebook and more things to write in it as well. Here you will find a weird combination of writing by other people which I found rather interesting, and ramblings by me. I'm always open to suggestions about how to display stuff on this part of the site, so feel free to email me any comments, critism, or flames you may have about anything that appears here.

Here's What I've Got:

My Adoption Page - I've decided to be charitable and open my webpage to those character unfortunate enough not to have a home. Besides, it means cool new graphics and fun stuff like that! I've got Bohemians and my parental units at the moment, why not stop by and say hello?

Sixty Reasons To Be Paranoid - Well, Sarah and I were bored one day, so we took the first ten from our amphibious friend (codenamed The Jellyfish) and ran.

The Overlord List - Want to take over the world? Here are seventy thing to remember once you get into power...follow these seventy simple rules and there's no way some dimwit can overthrow you like in the movies!

Poetry - Yup, I write poetry too. Be warned, it can be pretty depressing at times, just don't sue me if it effects your mental capabilities. Oh yeah, there are people other than me who write poetry too...yes, most of them are disturbed as well. Maybe you should just avoid this section after all...well, don't say I didn't warn you at least.

Fan Fiction, Short Stories, Prose, and Other Meaningless Nonsense - Well, I do believe that the title sums it up, no? This will (hopefully) eventually become the largest section of The Little Blue Notebook, even though it's not all that big right now. I am currently looking for submissions from all you fellow writers out there, so keep on typing and please email me the results!

Drunken Rambings - Stuff that doesn't make much sense and was written by people probably suffering the side effects of alien abductions.

The Contact List - This is a list of all the authors on this site and their email addresses. Well, all the authors I have email addresses for anyways. Please, send a starving author some feedbakc and make thier day!

Coming Sooner or Later...

  • "Instant" Obituary - You fill out a form, I give you an obituary. It's that simple. Plus I'll keep an archive of obituaries on the site, just in case you lose the copy I email you.
  • InstaProse - Want a silly story staring you and your friends? I'll have some pre-witten prose pieces posted, you tell me which one you want, what names to put where, and ta-da, instant prose!

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