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Remember the house rules:
1. no nuts allowed
2. no having fun
3. if babies were illegal, only outlaws would have babies
4. swimming upstream against the current is cool, wildly spawning is not
5. everything's relative, but relatives aren't everything
6. however, family IS everything
7. if you had half as much fun as mee, well I had twice the fun you did
8. there are no rules you can't break
9. if you spill your beer, too bad
0. there is no tomorrow

Why Computee? Well, when I first got on the internet, I kept getting cut off every time someone called us, in the old days of phone modems...

My real name is Tony Biscaia, I live in a beautiful rustic suburb south of Boston, Mass.
I was born in Portugal, came to America in 1967 when I was 13.
Lived is Salem, Mass, the Witch City, for 26 ( that's 2x13 ) tears. oops, i mean years...
My son was born there, appropriately named Bill... I'll never pay this one off...
He was born on April 13th, 1989 (that's 153 x 13 ... hmmm... 13 keeps popping up here )
I married an angel called Robin - nobody understands how she can put up with mee..
We all love soccer, and the New England Revolution is our team.

Here's some stories I wrote to amuse meeself (and you too):

(Note: these are NOT based on fact and should be taken with a grain of salt, and pepper to taste)

  • Keep off the GRAS Keep off the GRAS
  • The beauty and the mouse Get a load of this CRAP
  • HATS-OFF Just another fish story with a weird ending
  • Negative interest Can you say, EASY MONEY?
  • Global cooling? As the world burns...
  • Wake up and LIVE!Get in shape while you sleep!
  • Minor Aggravations The Point of No Return
  • now now... don't get MADD Life is just one big joyride, isn't it?
  • Let's GROW! If you like fast growth, this one's for you!
  • I LOVE barbequeing... don't you? Smoke only gets in your eyes if you're downwind
  • Head Lines Soccer as seen by Stevie Wonder
  • Soccer... it COULD be better American ingenuity improves soccer for the masses
  • Jail time It's everybody's business!
  • Clones Sometimes, i wish i could, but.... glad I've got a hybrid
  • Virtual kids Sometimes, i wish that's all i had...
  • Java Jump start, anyone?
  • Hogski The Hill's Angels Motorskicycle Club
  • Mirrors Gives a new meaning to weather satellites!!!
  • Bananas Bananas? Whose bananas??
  • Postal Pizza I saw the mailman carrying a pizza today, oh boy...
  • Smoking Helmet No more second hand smoke?
  • Spud Upgrade Cyber potato chips
  • Prop Cap Featuring Michael Jordan!
  • Air Gambling Featuring Alexi Lalas!
  • Abductee Biggest snowflake i ever saw...!!!

    feel free to e-mail any comments, as long as they're positive... (I'm too sensitive for harsh criticism)


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