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Home Aquarium Technology Systems - Organic Fish Farming

Recent medical and nutritional studies confirm the health benefits gained from eating fish regularly. Yet the fish you are eating probably came from one of the world’s many polluted water environments, resulting in high levels of mercury, PCB’s and other toxic chemicals being passed on to you and your children along with those health benefits.

HATS-OFF™, a start-up manufacturer based in Jericho, Vermont, has introduced a new line of Home Aquarium Systems they hope will appeal to the multitudes now growing their own vegetables in backyard gardens to avoid pesticides in their food.

“Many Americans already enjoy home gardening for healthy eating and the satisfaction of knowing what’s in their food, and what isn’t. They also appreciate the beauty of the plants in their gardens, and enjoy nurturing them, just as an aquarium owner does his fish. In fact, our Home Aquariums Tech Systems provide pretty much the same kind of rewards,” says HATS-OFF™ founder Salmon Rushdead. “Now you too can grow your own safe fish supply at home, in an automated, self-regulating system that sustains the revolving cycle of fish life. It even tells you when your fish are big enough to harvest!”

“As the world’s fish population declines, market prices are certain to rise,” explains Mr. Rushdead. “But most people love fish, and since it’s one of the healthiest foods you can eat, there will be always be great demand, even as fish stocks dwindle and prices increase. We’re not really out to put any fishermen out of business, they’ve already done that themselves. Using our HATS-OFF™ system, your family is assured of having a steady supply of the highest quality fresh organic fish, and best of all, there’ll be no mercury in your food supply unless your aquarium thermostat breaks.”

A wide variety of fertile fish eggs will be available from HATS-OFF™, as well as a choice selection of shellfish including shrimp, clams, and crabs. “We hope someday fish will join corn and zucchini as the pride of home gardeners. In fact, we are presently working on hybrid fish varieties that will be tastier and much more productive than the traditional wild species currently available,” says Mr. Rushdead. “Not only will you be eating better food, but you’ll also stop contributing to the extermination of the world’s fish population.”

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