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Storm debris has given new meaning to the term "trailer trash." So in keeping with the Katrina spirit, I am offering the following suggestions for decorating your trailer for Christmas:

-- A wide red ribbon, signifying FEMA's red tape, can be stretched around the circumference of the trailer. It absolutely must be topped with a lighted Santa, reindeer optional.

-- The door may be covered in "rooftop blue," with a wreath designed from the discarded pine limbs and magnolia leaves from our former trees.

-- Inside gets a little tricky. A tree limb, with branches from your downed tree pile, can be inserted into Styrofoam and sprayed green. Paper chains can be made from FEMA rejection letters and draped over the "tree" along with ornaments cut to your own design from discarded yellow, green and aqua rubber gloves.

-- Draw a Christmas scene on the many used paper masks and hang them by their elastic attachments. Be sure to visit a local church for a real Christmas dinner as the trailer stoves are just large enough for cooking a meal worthy of the day.

Most of all, count your blessings where you find them.

. . . . . . .

Courtesy of the Times Picayune
Sandra Pichon lives in the Bayou Liberty area.

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