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Katrina plowed thru here in late August of '05

As of January 2006, here are observations of the alternate universe created by those 175 mph sustained winds:

There are things that no longer make us look or think twice:

- Boats on the road

- Waiting for a FEMA trailer, an elderly couple has been living in their 2 door sedan for 3+ months

In a badly flooded part of New Orleans, a pothole has been transformed into the Broadmoor Green Space Migratory Bird Refuge and Wetlands Reclamation Project

- Rocking chairs in trees

- Clogged roads and long waits for debris removal - no street is spared

- Cars in the water

- This sailboat off of Rat's Nest Road has been sitting here over six months. Wonder where it blew in from?

- Flooded busses being sold on ebay

- Michael Brown is coming back as a consultant???

- Cars under houses

- Chairs in the oddest places

- Other things in odd places

An 80 year old bridge withstood the storms wrath and is now only one of three routes into New Orleans from Slidell. The Hwy 11 Bridge, on the left

- A Rolls in front of a FEMA trailer???

- The birth of FEMA trailer parks everywhere

- People's temporary "homes"

- New kinds of lawn ornamentsbr>

- Trash that sometimes makes you look twice

- Pictures like this that give you instant depression

- Burger King is offering a $6,500 sign on bonus

others are following suit

Need a job?

- It's hard to remember where some buildings were pre Katrina

- The mayor of NOLA asking hotels to give hurricane refugees a portion of their profits and free hotel rooms

- Two beautiful dogs "gone wild" living in Bayou Sauvage

- Going anywhere in St. Tammany parish now takes twice as long, due to the 100,000 extra people living here

- Limited menu's at all open restaurants

- Businesses remaining closed, almost 4 months after the storm, due to lack of workers

- 30 minute wait in the Walmart "fast checkout" lane

More to come!

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