A Lot of Catching Up to Do by Dana

Willow writes a letter to an old friend.

All Geminis to the Raspberry Hats by Annie

Some cute alternative reality "Wild at Heart" fluff

All You Had to do Was Ask by Cricket

Willow has finally graduated and Oz finds the nerve to.....

An Eskimo Dance by ClaireBear

What if...

Cain Returns

The mayor tries to reduce the scooby-gang's fire power... with a little help.

Conclusions by Dolly

Willow decides to find Oz, post 'Wild at Heart'

Double Date by Joy

Oz's friend convinces him to go on a double date with him.

Don't Leave Me by Julie

Oz tries to protect Willow, post 'Phases'

Exploring by Kitsy

Xander's actions force Oz to admit his true feelings.

Expressing by Annie

Oz angst after "Lover's Walk."

Fate and Coincidence (part I) by Capricorn

Willow's cousin comes to stay and this heralds an unstoppable chain of events.

Finding comfort in the Strangest places by Leigh

Set after 'Wild at Heart'

Fireflies by Pixie

Oz tries to make Willow smile, post 'Becoming'

Gift by Dolly

Future fic... a conversation late at night.