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2003 News

8/14/2003 - Fresh back from a trip to California, during which I saw Phantom for the 4th time in San Francisco. Once again, the magnificent Patti Davidson-Gorbea did well as the Madame. The rest of the cast was most excellent as well.

Before I go back to school, here's an update for you. Added to the image gallery is one nice live performance photo of Sally Williams as Giry taken by Raven and edited and submitted by S. Winterhalter. Additionally, 6 gorgeous photographs of Girys Patti DG and relative newcomer Gwen Eagleton taken by DC Anderson of the 3rd National Tour were added. Finally, Gwen Eagleton is added to the list of International Girys as a 3rd NT understudy.

It's official! Miranda Richardson is signed on to the Phantom film project as Madame Giry. At left is a photo of her as Queen Mab from the television miniseries, Merlin.

Additionally, there is a new Giry fanart by Raphael in the Image Gallery called "Antoinette."

6/16/2003 - A few updates today. Added to the image gallery is one curtain call pic of Kris Koop from Broadway, generously contributed by S. Winterhalter. Three Giry fanarts, two by Erik, one by me, have been added to the art section of the image gallery as well. Finally, a short Giry phic by me and an exerpt from the 1990 proposed film script of Lloyd Webber's Phantom has been added to the Writings and Essays section of the site.

6/4/2003 - As promised new pics have been added. Two photos, one of Ana Argemil of Spain and the other of Gabrelle Ramm of Stuttgart, have been added to the image gallery. Additionally, two images have been added of the newly designed Madame Giry from the Hungarian production.

Overall the redesign appears less severe than Maria Bjornsen's design and seems to be based on more of a Victorian suit pattern than a dress pattern. Underneath the suit jacket there appears to be a blouse or top made of a golden colored fabric. There is something of a gathered bustle pattern in the skirt of the costume. The cane has been made much smaller and Giry's hair has been simplified to a rather loose bun style as opposed to the braided coronet used in other productions.

Still no further word on whether Miranda Richardson will actually portray Madame Giry in the film of ALW's Phantom of the Opera but I'll stay on the lookout to keep you informed!

5/20/2003 - Wow it's been a while since my last update! I've added Gabriele Ramm, Karen Michelle Buck, Victoria Bajza, Ilona Bencze, Josie Benson, Emma Jones, Ana Argemil, and Kristine Anderson to the International Girys list, bringing it to 122! New graphic on the front page and look for new images in the gallery soon! Additionally, the all new Hunagarian production of ALW's Phantom is scheduled to open on May 30, 2003, with new set and costume designs. Be on the lookout for Giry's new look!

MOVIE NEWS! - It's been rumored that Miranda Richardson has been cast as Madame Giry in the upcoming film version of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera. Ms. Richardson is a well respected actress and you can learn more about here at www.miranda-richardson.com

2002 News

8/14/2002 - FINALLY, an update! I'm getting ready to go to college in about a week and a half so I'm trying to do a lot of updates to my sites before I go! Today, I've added Taylor Wilson to the International Giry's list. Also, have added the real Giry costume sketch by Bjornsen and three Giry fan artworks by Sarah M. to the Image Gallery. With the help of Sarah, I hope to be able to add a lot of new information and images to this site in the near future! Visit back often!

5/28/2002 - Wow....two months between updates?? Bad, bad Chantal! Hehe, anyhow, been busy with finals and stuff. So, added a biography for Kristina Guiguet and added Samatha Fawcett Young to the list of International Giry's. Also, I have opened The Appendix, accessible through the International Giry page. The Appendix will serve as home for any actress info/photos I can find about Giry's in other productions, movies, and suchlike. I promise another update sooner than last time!

3/28/2002 - Added a biography pages for Liz Robertson of My Fair Lady fame as the new London Madame Giry and also a biography for Jayne Lewis of the now closed Canadian Tour and Toronto productions. Also added a photo of Ruth Hale as Giry to the Image Gallery. Have a happy Easter Holiday!

2/18/2002 - Many thanks to Lynsey from the UK for providing this site with 5 new images of London Madame Giry's Ann Adlem and Janet Murphy! You can see the new pics in the image gallery. Happy President's Day!

1/18/2002 - Added biographies for Elizabeth Marsh and Maureen Taylor. Also posted bios for the three new Madame Girys (Kim Ah Sun, Jyun Hye Young, and Ra Sun Shing) from the recently-opened Korean production of Phantom. Finally, moved all the old 2001 Boxkeeper updates to a separate page, see link at the bottom of this page. On another note, Boxkeeper was recently featured in the latest issue of The Phanzine as one of the 'must-see' Phantom sites on the web! Check it out at The Phanzine's Homepage!

1/7/2002 - Finally, a 'real' update! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! I added the biographies of Barbara Lang, Margaret Kinneen, and Kathy Taylor today. Ms. Kinneen makes 109 Girys if I'm not mistaken. I've also added the final chapters to Christi V's In This Darkness... What an incredible piece of Giryphic! I loved it so much that I did an illustration for it that you can see both on the phic's page and the image gallery.

Boxkeeper 2001 News Archive

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