On this page I am constantly compiling a list of actresses who have played and understudied the role of Madame Giry in worldwide Andrew Lloyd Webber Phantom productions. Much credit must be given to the webmistress of Madame Giry's Conservetoire, however, as she runs the original online Mme Giry list with biographies for many of the actressess listed here on her wonderful site.

I have tried to gather the names, production citys/tours, and countries that each actress has portrayed the role in, (as well as biographies when available!) and am always looking for more names and biographies! If you have any information that could contribute to this list, please contact me!

Introducing, the Appendix, an addition to the International Giry pages, with bits and pieces of info about Madame Giry's in other theatrical productions, movies, and media.

Current Number of Girys Listed: 122 (8/14/2003)

Ann Adlem - London (UK)
Kim Ah Sun - 1st Understudy (Korea)
Kristine Anderson - Canadian Tour (Canada)
Ana Argemil - Barcelona (Spain)
Viktoria Bajza - Budapest (Hungary)
Margaret Bankier - Hamburg (Germany)
Annika Bartler – Original Stockholm (Sweden)
Ilona Bencze - Budapest (Hungary)
Diana Bennett - Vienna (Austria)
Josie Benson - London Understudy (UK)
Linda Bruske – Current Hamburg (Germany)
Olivia Bucio – Mexican Production (Mexico)
Ellen Bullinger – Hamburg (Germany)
Dorothy Byrne - US Tour Understudy (USA)
Tere Cabrera – Mexican Production (Mexico)
Deborah Caddy –Understudy (Australia)
Marilyn Caskey - Current Broadway (USA)
Meg Chilcott – (Australia)
Kris Coop - Broadway Understudy (USA)
Marcie L. Conant – San Francisco Understudy (USA)
Patricia Cope – London (UK)
Valerie Cutko - UK Tour Bristol (UK)
Patti Davidson Gorbea – Current US Tour (USA)
Evette Davis – London (UK)
Valerie DeBartolo - Toronto (Canada)
Maureen Dodson – Hamburg Understudy (Germany)
Catherine Duff – Toronto Understudy (Canada)
Carol Duffy – Edinburgh (UK)
Connie Dykstra – Original San Francisco (USA)
Yvonne Edwards - Hamburg (Germany)
Twyla Ehmcke – Hamburg Understudy (Germany)
Monica Einarson - Copenhagen Alternate (Denmark)
Gaenor Ellis - London Understudy (UK)
Gwen Eagleton - 3rd National Tour Understudy (USA)
Ann Engles – Antwerp Understudy (Belgium)
SuEllen Estey – Hamburg (Germany)
Danielle Everett – Understudy (Australia)
Leslie Giammanco – Touring Production (USA)
Margot Giselle – Hamburg Understudy (Germany)
Kristina Marie Guiguet – Toronto (Canada)
Ruth Hale – Hamburg (Germany)
Elizabeth Halling – Kobenhaven Alternate (Denmark)
Gloria Hodes – San Francisco, Third National Tour (USA)
Lillemore Hoglund - Stockholm Understudy (Sweden)
Christine Hore – Understudy (Australia)
Jyun Hye Young - 2nd Understudy (Korea)
Suzanne Ishee – Broadway Understudy (USA)
Heather Jackson – London (UK)
Julia Jamison – Toronto Understudy (Canada)
Emma Jones - London Understudy (UK)
Jennie Jones – Third National Tour (USA)
Rebecca Judd – Third National Tour (USA)
Margaret Kinneen - Understudy (Australia)
Annette Koch - Hamburg (Germany)
Annette Kuhn - Hamburg, Stutgartt Understudy (Germany)
Linda Laible - Hamburg (Germany)
Barbra Lang – Original Los Angeles (USA)
Pamela Laurent – Hamburg (Germany)
Kirsten Lear – Toronto Understudy (Canada)
Jayne Lewis – North American Tour, Toronto (Canada)
Jil Lindenberg/aka: Gil Fox – Hamburg Understudy (Germany)
Carol Lurie - Hamburg (Germany)
Pamela MacDonald – Toronto Understudy (Canada)
Penelope MacKay – London (UK)
Louise Malloy – Understudy (Australia)
Geraldene Marrow – Original Melbourne (Australia)
Leila Martin – Original Broadway, Los Angeles, Second National Tour (USA)
Sarah Marvel Bleasdale – Hamburg (Germany)
Mary Jo McConel – Touring Production (USA)
Beth McLeod – Hamburg Understudy (Germany)
Joanna McWaters – Understudy (Australia)
Karen Michelle Buck - Stutgartt Understudy (Germany)
Mary Millar – Original London (UK)
Deborah Milsom – San Francisco Understudy (USA)
Felicitas Morawitz – Vienna (Austria)
Leigh Munro - Los Angeles (USA)
Janet Murphy – London (UK)
Veronica Murua - Mexican Tour (Mexico)
Bernadette Nagy – Understudy (Australia)
Naoko Nishigami – Japanese Tour (Japan)
Yoshiko Nishijima – Second Japanese Tour (Japan)
Bodil Oland – Copenhagen (Denmark)
Veronica Page – Manchester (UK)
Elena Pankratova - Hamburg (Germany)
Gloria Parker – Canadian Tour/Vancouver (Canada)
Patrice Pickering – Broadway Understudy (USA)
Simone Pohl - Hamburg (Germany)
Linda Poser – Broadway Understudy (USA)
Gabrielle Ramm - Current Stutgartt (Germany)
Joslyn Rechter – Understudy (Australia)
Jackie Rees – (Australia)
Ursula Reese – Hamburg Understudy (Germany)
Liz Robertson - Current London (UK)
Margaret Roest – (Netherlands)
Claudia Rose Golde - Vienna (Austria)
Sandra Ross – Hamburg Understudy (Germany)
Joana-Maria Rueffer – Basel (Switzerland)
Susan Russell – US Tour Understudy (USA)
Barbara Scanlon – Touring Production Understudy (USA)
Julie Schmidt – Third National Tour (USA)
Katia Selva – Mexican Production (Mexico)
Lyn Semler – Understudy (Australia)
Mary Setrakian – Third National Tour (USA)
Yuko Shibagaki – Original Tokyo, Second Japanese Tour Alternate (Japan)
Jayne Smiley - Toronto (Canada)
Sally Smith – London (UK)
Gay Soper - London (UK)
Mary Leigh Stahl – Broadway Understudy (USA)
Ra Sung Shin - Korean Tour (Korea)
Julie Steinke - UK Tour (UK)
Olga Talyn – Second National Tour (USA)
Kathy Taylor – Touring Production (USA)
Maureen Taylor - Basel (Switzerland)
Bonnie Thorpe - Basel (Switzerland)
Inez Timmer – Understudy (Netherlands)
Helene Tintes – Vienna (Austria)
Traci Tornquist – San Francisco Understudy (USA)
Stephanie Tschoppe – Antwerp (Belgium)
Barbara van Lint – Understudy (Netherlands)
Karen Westfal – Hamburg Understudy (Germany)
Sally Williams – Second National Tour, Broadway, Hamburg, Basel (USA, Germany, Switzerland)
Taylor Wilson - Hamburg Understudy (Germany)
Lesley Windsor - London, Hamburg (UK, Germany)
Pippa Winslow - National Tour Understudy (USA)
Samantha Fawcett Young - UK Tour Understudy (UK)

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