Here I will post writings about Madame Giry by myself as well as by others. You're welcome to submit Giry-related works here, just E-mail me!

Writings by Others
Ten Reasons why Madame Giry is Cool - by Eriklaudia
The Modern Madame Giry - by EAAB
The Secret Diary of Madame Giry - by Silke D. Spiel
In This Darkness: The Memories of Adele Giry - by Christi V. - Now Finished!
The Truth, At Last - by Merlyn Dawson
Tears of Crimson Velvet - by Alex Butcher, aka Angelo
Caged - by Kim, the Manipulative Little Monster
Sideshow Memories - by Chantal
Flashback Into the Past - Exerpt from ALW's 1990 filmscript

Giry-related Articles
Leila Martin Takes Final Bow at "Phantom" on April 21st (2001) - The legendary Ms. Martin leaves the Broadway production after performing the role of Giry for over thirteen years.
Marilyn Caskey to Return to NY, as Madame Giry - Ms. Caskey will replace long-running Giry, Leila Martin

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