This is a gallery of images featuring Madame Giry. Most of them are Andrew Lloyd Webber production photos but I will try to find illustrations and photos of Madame Girys from other productions of the story as well. Newest images will be added at the bottom of their respective categories.

ALW Phantom Production Photos
Leila Martin from US Tour
Connie Dykstra as Madame Giry
Jennie Jones from Third National Tour
Tere Cabera from the Mexican production
Kathy Taylor from the US Tour
Madame (Mary Millar) and Meg
Leila Martin in the Hannibal scene
Madame and Meg in London's Masquerade scene
Japanese Madame and Raoul
Unknown Madame Giry
Canadian Madame and Meg
Mary Setrakian from 3rd US Tour
Madame Giry amongst the Ballet Corps
Madame instructing the ballet dancers
Olga Talyn, 2nd National Tour
Olga Talyn as Madame again
Leila Martin on Broadway
Headshot of Leila Martin
Leila as Madame with Raoul (Steve Barton)
Madame Giry in the 'Notes' scene, Act I
Mme (Mary Millar) and Raoul (Steve Barton)
Raoul confronts Madame Giry
Headshot of Olga Talyn
Rebecca Judd as Madame with cane
Rebecca Judd as Madame holding sheet music
Leslie Giammanco as Madame Giry
Leslie as Madame again
Leila Martin with Phantom (TJ O'Leary)
"Notes" scene with Giry in Chicago production
"Notes" scene from London with Mme Giry
Leila Martin as Giry with cane
Raoul and Giry in London
Meg Chilcott with Christine
Jackie Rees with Raoul
Meg Chilcott as Giry with dancers
Meg Chilcott with Christine again
Geraldine Marrow with Hannibal Dancers
Geraldine with Meg in the shadows
Jackie Rees as Madame Giry in Australia
Raoul and Mme Giry in LA
Felicitas Morawitz as Mme in Vienna
Jil Lindenberg as Mme Giry
Mme Giry and the Ballet in London
Madame behind Raoul and Christine
Mme Giry in black in the Masquerade scene
Sally Williams as Giry with Raoul
Tiny pic of Giry from POTO 10th Anniversary ad
Marilyn Caskey as Mme Giry
Caskey as Giry with Raoul
Patti Davidson Gorbea as Mme Giry
Meg Chilcott as Giry with Raoul
Canadian Giry with Meg Giry
Ruth Hale as Giry with Raoul
Belgian Madame Giry with Raoul
Sally Williams as Madame Giry
Madame Giry directing the Ballet Corps
Veronica Page as Madame Giry
Jennine Jones as Madame Giry
Ann Adlem as Giry with Meg
Ann Adlem is the Madame with a lantern
Janet Murphy as Madame Giry
J. Murphy as Giry in 'Notes'
Madame Giry with a lantern, Janet Murphy
Ruth Hale as Mme Giry
Ana Argemil as Mme Giry, Spain
Ms. Ramm as Giry, curtain call photo
Hungarian Madame Giry
Photo of Hungarian Giry's back
Blurry curtain-call pic of Kris Koop by S. Winterhalter
Live photo of Sally Williams as Giry, by Raven.

All Andrew Lloyd Webber production photos are copyrighted and attributed to Clive Barda, Joan Marcus, and other professional photographers contracted by the Really Useful Group. Unofficial ALW production images are copyright to their respective photographers.

Photos by D.C. Anderson
Mr. Anderson plays Msr. Andre in the US 3rd National Tour and these lovely photos have been used with his gracious permission. Please do not remove from this site. Thank you!

-Photos of Patti Davidson-Gorbea-
Smiling Giry
Looming Giry
Blurred Giry
Black and White Giry

-Photos of Gwen Eagleton-
Giry With Flowers
Angry Giry

Madame Girys from other productions - Provided by Regula
Ken Hill's Madame Giry - Carolyn Marcell is Madame Giry with Meg(?) from Ken Hill's production of The Phantom of the Opera.
Giry #1 from Phantom on Ice - A Russian figure skater as Madame Giry from Phantom on Ice.
Giry #2 from Phantom on Ice - Another Russian skater plays the Madame in Phantom on Ice.

"The Rage of Madame Giry" - From the Unicorn edition of the original novel, illustrated by Greg Hildebrandt.
Madame Giry - From the Sherlock Holmes/Phantom comic crossover series 'The Adventure of the Opera Ghost.' Published by Caliber Comics. She looks quite happy, doesn't she?
Giry Costume Sketch - I've been informed by the wonderul Sarah M. that this isn't really Giry, but the 'Wardrobe Mistress' sketch by Maria Bjornsen! Still, I think she looks enough like Giry that I'm going to leave her here anyhow!
Maria Bjornsen's Giry Design - This s the original Madame Giry costume design by Maria Bjornsen. Kindly provided by Sarah M.

Giry Fan Art
"Madame Granny" - Looney Toon's Granny drawn as Madame Giry by the wonderful Raphael!
Madame Giry Headstudy - By me! This pic started out as a pen sketch in my Bio notebook and then I scanned it in and colored it in Photoshop. I'm quite happy with it. :)
Madame Giry - Drawn by Silke, author of "The Secret Diary of Madame Giry". Very nice headstudy of my favorite Madame.
Giry Buddy Icon - Guess what! I made a Madame Giry AIM buddy icon. Isn't it cute? ;)
...Beware to those! - Reason number one to never make Madame Giry mad. She doesn't carry that cane for nothing, you know. ;) Pen doodle by me.
An illustration I did for Christi V's Giryphic In This Darkness; the Memories of Adele Giry. Read it in the Giry Writings section!
Granny Giry Version 2.0! - Yes, Raphael has done it again. Check out this updated version of the Looney Toon's 'Granny' as Madame Giry!
Madame Giry - A headstudy by Sarah.
Madame Giry - Another Giry drawing by Sarah M.
Madame Giry again! - Yet another great Giry drawing by Sarah M!
Madame Giry - An image of Giry by me, combining elements of Leroux, ALW, and my own touches. Executed in watercolor, colored pencil, and acrylic paint.
The Boxkeeper - A haunting image by my friend Erik of Madame Giry with the shadow of the Phantom in the background.
A Modern Giry - A hip, New Age type Madame Giry also by my friend Erik. The beret was a nice touch, don't you think? :)
Antoinette - By Raphael. Inspired by the film, Charlie's Angels 2: Full Throttle. Part of a trio of images called "Erik's Angels". Giry looks like she could totally kick butt in this pic.

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