From the first time I was introduced to the tale of the Phantom by listening to the Original London Cast Recording and reading the original novel, I was attracted to the character of Madame Giry. Mysterious and commanding...she had an undeniable air of wisdom. Though I hold the Phantom as my favorite character from the tale, I still maintain a special connection to Madame Giry. Today, I roleplay as this remarkable character on a Phantom RPG list and try to exude the same enigmatic power that she had.

I created this site to promote and educate Phans and anyone who visits about the character of Madame Giry from the Phantom of the Opera legend. I have provided images, sounds, list of actresses who have played the role, quotes from the Madame herself, related links, and in the future I will add my own essays and musings about this intriguing character. I hope you will enjoy looking through this site as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

Regards, Chantal

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