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This is just a template to help people start thinking about their characters. You don't have to include everything here, they are just suggestions. You can use the template word for word if you want, or you can get extra creative and chuck it out the window. It's up to you. But it's there if you need it and to give everyone an equal starting point.

Name: Let your imagination run free... just be sure you can spell it!
Faction: Good or Bad
Age: 0 - 100 (we're all mortal, remember! *g*)
Sex: Male/Female/Should we be worried?
Physical Apperance: Tall, Short, Blue Eyed, Brown Hair, Big Boobs etc etc....- includes costume.
Weapons: Axe, Sword, Bow & Arrow, Crossbow, Slingshot, Dagger... etc etc
Good Points: Friendly, Smart, Excellent Fighter, Beautiful, Big Boobs... etc etc
Bad Points: Prone to jealosy, easily angered, ugly, bad fighter, too short, too fat, too tall, too thin, big boobs etc etc
Skill/Profession: Warrior, Bard, Healer, Merchant, Farmer, Thief, Blacksmith, Hunter, Amazon, musician, Warlord, etc etc

We have some examples on the page if you want to take a look at what others have done.



Rimsey Pona
Tirabes Miraseth
Alida Jacinda
Jewel Thalia


Check out the Art Work Page - so you at least know what the characters look like!

If you have any to add - or would like Rimsey to do one contact her at

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