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NAME: Pona
AGE: 52
SEX: Female
PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: 5'8", Thin, reasonably sickly looking, White eye's (except pupils) Tricolor hair. Costume - Long flowing robes to cover her gauntness.
WEAPONS: clawed right leather glove (close the hand into a fist and the blades are between the fingers) Bag of herbs
GOOD POINTS: Cunning, Exquisitely polite and refined.
BAD POINTS: An absolute cold hearted cow! Heartless, ruthless (no wonder she's working for Ares)
HISTORY: Pona was jilted as a young woman - her heart froze that day. Driven to despair from her lover's betrayal Pona decided to exact revenge on the man and his family. Turning to a former priest of Asclepious Pona spent the next ten years studying herblore. Now a woman in her thirties she returned to her home town. Years of constant exposure to hallucinogenic herbs had warped her perception, but not her goal. Using her formidable skills Pona exterminated her love and his family in a single day. This shattered her mind completely. For all that she hated him - she had still loved him. When she finally awoke from a fitful and strange sleep Pona found herself in a red and black bed-chamber. When a man in black explained to her that this was the temple of Ares and that if she would sell herself to Ares's service he would take away her pain and offer her the emptiness of soul she wanted so badly. Still grief stricken Pona accepted. Over the next 10 years Pona used her emptiness to rid Ares of the mortals that infuriated him the most - but were unworthy of his direct intervention. Hard as stone Pona is a force to be reckoned with.

NAME: Miraseth
AGE: 23
SEX: Female
PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Deep, slightly curly red hair. Dark brown eyes. Freckles. 5.6'. Clothing tight leather pants, low cut green shirt.
WEAPONS: Poisoned blowdarts & a boot dagger
GOOD POINTS: Determined, strong willed, has a heart buried under all the ice, wont kill without cause. (What she believes is a cause, at least...)
BAD POINTS: Typical red headed temper, hatred for men, not thought of as very bright.
OCCUPATION/SKILLS: Courtesan/Warrior/Thief - general dogsbody for Ares.
HISTORY: Miraseth was brought up in a loving home, working the farm just outside of Thebes with her twin brother. With the village, and hence other children, so far away, she and her brother grew up as the closest of friends.

At age 17, disaster struck. The farmhouse was attacked by the army of a warlord. Her brother and parents were killed and Miraseth was taken captive by the warlord. It took many months, suffering at the hands of the army, before Miraseth managed to escape, killing the warlord and his right hand man in the process.

Vowing never to be at the mercy of another man, Miraseth trained in self defense. After leaving her teacher, she went her own way. Passing by Ares temple one day, she defended herself against two of Ares temple guards, killing both men in the process. Enraged, Ares demanded her servitude to replace the lost warriors. Miraseth stated she would rather die than let another man control her once again. Ares took a liking to her passion and fire and 'gifted' her with a golden anklet forged by Hephestus that bound her to him as his servant and prevented her from taking her own life.

She has spent the last several years working for Ares as a courtesan/thief/warrior and trying to induce Ares wrath that he will free her from his service by killing her. She is often partnered with the assassin Pona.

NAME: Jacinda
AGE: 26
SEX: Female
PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Hair: Black, straight, chin-length; Eyes: Dark green; Height: 5'4"; Weight: 110 lbs. Description: Slim yet curvy, athletic yet feminine, warm tan.  COSTUME: brown leather shorts and matching leather halter top, with over-the-knee brown suede boots
WEAPONS: jewel-encrusted boot dagger
GOOD POINTS: She's drop-dead gorgeous and an invaluable warrior. Her skills and strategic mind cannot be beat. She is also intelligent, fiercely loyal to what she believes is "the right thing." She  has a wonderful, if slightly wicked, sense of humor; but what do you expect after spending all that time with Ares?
BAD POINTS: She let her grief over Finian consume her and mold her into the not-so-nice person she is, and deep down she knows this; therefore, she keeps a tight reign on any emotions that don't specifically deal with warfare. If she never lets herself get close to anyone again, then they can't die or leave her alone again.
HISTORY: Jacinda was born to a wealthy family in Thrace and  had a relatively normal childhood. Her parents, important political dignitaries named Jessika and Jeremiah, had arranged for Jacinda to marry Finian, the son of a nobleman who was a long-time acquaintance of her father.

When Jacinda was 18, war broke out in Thrace. Finian fought bravely and died a hero's death on the battlefield. Jeremiah was also killed. After Jacinda's mother grieved herself to death, the young woman, bereaved at the loss of her father and her betrothed, left Thrace with the sole intention of learning all she could about war and being a warrior. In her grief-stricken mind, the only way to avenge the deaths of her loved ones was to become just as ruthless as their killers.

She eventually found herself as a priestess of Ares, where she learned from the great god of war all the skill and strategy he had to offer, in exchange for her loyalty. Now, at age 26, Jacinda is one of Ares' most trusted and talented warriors.

NAME: Thalia
FACTION: Evil, but has a tendency to do good. (long story)
AGE: 32
SEX: Female
PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: petite, 5'4" blue eyes, long dark brown hair worn pulled back, wears a one piece brown dress with leather boots.
WEAPONS: whip coiled at waist, short sword
GOOD POINTS: dislikes what she is forced to do for a living
BAD POINTS: strong will to survive
OCCUPATION/SKILLS: Thief, but likes to hunt and knows how to live off the land.
HISTORY: Unknown at this point

NAME: Lirope
AGE: 23 but looks more like 15
SEX: Female, although can pass as a boy if she so desires for scamming purposes.
PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: About 5'6" and thin boned but agile. She has short brown hair that seems to have a mind of it's own. When she's not in disguise, Liriope usually wears a long form fitting linen tunic embellished with fine stitching detail over a pair of chamois leggings. She conned the outfit out of the best tailor in Corinth.
WEAPONS: Other than her talent to spin a good yarn, Liriope carries a short dagger in a sheath held on her belt behind her back.
GOOD POINTS: Liriope is very believable in her con games. She could con Midas out of his gold if she so desired. She tricks her victims just for the enjoyment's sake.
BAD POINTS: She has a code of ethics, that even she would not break. She is a loner and can not easily relate to people when she is not scamming them.
OCCUPATION/SKILLS: You can call her the pretender of the Ancient World. Liriope literally becomes whatever she needs to be.   Her Motto: trust no one.
HISTORY: Liriope lost her family to a plague when she was 15. She was left to fend on her own. She fell into a band of unscrupulous villians who used her for their own purposes. At first, she was their foil, and then she began participating willingly with their wicked plans. They, however, used her as a scapegoat when one plan became particularly risky. Hercules and Iolaus forced her to pay recompense to the family that she swindled. She vowed to get even with them.

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