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NAME: Rimsey
AGE: 24
SEX: Female
PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: 5'5", lean, muscular, Golden Yellow Eyes of a Cat (literally- all the kickbacks). Tawny, brown, waist length hair. Costume. Soft leather leggings, Oversized blouse belted at the waist, light cotton skirt to hide things under, usually provocatively tucked up at the belt.
WEAPONS: Throwing Dagger (double edged, foot blade), Whip 8ft
GOOD POINTS: Loyal, determined, free spirited, honorable, trustworthy
BAD POINTS: An absolute neurotic mess. Untrusting of strangers, vile temper if stirred up!
OCCUPATION/SKILLS: Re-formed thief, All-round thespian, Acrobat.
HISTORY: As far back a Rimsey could remember she was with the carnival. She had been told that per parents had been great entertainers and the best acrobatic team in Greece. When she was 7 disaster struck. Her parents were killed in storm. Orphaned she was taken in by the carnival owner. The owner started to train Rimsey for 'special' jobs, jobs that usually involved slipping in the back window of a shop and purloining goods. By the age of 15 Rimsey was one of the best thieves in Attica. Working as a street performer Rimsey was on the road when she had a divine encounter. Finding a deer that had been shot with an arrow on the road to Thrace, Rimsey hadn't the heart to kills such a gentle beast. Instead she removed the arrow and was startled to see a glow coming from the wound. A voice from behind startled her and she turned to see a woman in hunting clothes standing behind her. Artemis thanked Rimsey for saving the deer and offered any gift that was hers to grant. Always the opportunist - Rimsey saw the perfect opening to further her thieving skills. Her request was that she could have the eyes of a cat. Rimsey soon learned that the Gods had a habit of taking things literally - she did indeed now have the "eyes of a cat" yellow Iris's and almond shaped pupil's all-inclusive! Her night vision had improved considerably. Things went really well over the next few years - Rimsey carved a nice little profit for herself - until one night when a blonde busybody cut in on her life. His influence changed her - reformed her, and made her fiercely loyal to this brave hunter… Rimsey's redemption is a story for another time…

NAME: Tirabes
AGE: 23
SEX: Male
PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Deep, slightly curly red hair. Dark brown eyes. Freckles. 5.6' tall.
WEAPONS: Knife carried on hip.
BAD POINTS: Typical red headed temper  
HISTORY: Tirabes was brought up in a loving home, working the farm just outside of Thebes with his with his twin sister. With the village, and hence other children, so far away, he and his sister grew up as the closest of friends.

At age 17, disaster struck. The farmhouse was attacked by the army of a warlord. His sister and his parents were killed and Tirabes was taken in by the village healer. He grew to love the old woman during his recuperation and became her apprentice. He spent the next six years learning the healing arts at her side, until her death. Saddened by the loss of the only person since his family he'd allowed himself to love, he left the village to travel where his healing skills were needed.

NAME: Alida
AGE: 29
SEX: Female
PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Shorter than Iolaus, short brown hair, pale brown eyes - leather pants, and sleeveless top.
WEAPONS: Throwing knives, and a sword
GOOD POINTS: Sense of humour (giggle), stubborn, loyal to those she cares about.
BAD POINTS: Stubborn. *might* be able to hit a bull's eye with the bow and arrow *if* her life depended on it, but don;t count on it. gets downright sacrastic when ticked off.
HISTORY: My name is Alida. I am a warrior.

Writing it down, it looks funny. Who would have thought that a child of Acis would grow to be a warrior? Especially a female child. I was a spoiled girl, by most standards. We had our servants to do the housework, the cooking, the hunting. Somehow, my mother had managed to convince my father that education was important for women. Knowing her, she probably used the argument that itwas especially important for a woman looking for an educated husband. I spentmy days reading scrolls and learning mathematics. I adored my teachers, all men my father trusted implicitly. Father let me know, often enough, that hewould rather have been training a boy, but at least I would be able to marry a good man who would take over the family business. And, since he gave up long ago on me when it came to the finer arts, such as singing, dancing orembroidery, he gave in to my mother's pleas for my education. I still can't see why embroidery seemed so important to him!

While I was yet a young woman, I met a handsome warrior in town. He swept me off my feet, with his tales of derring do and his charming smile. My father, of course, disapproved of the young man. He wanted his daughter to marry "well". A merchant, a governor of some city state or another or even, in his fondest dreams, a prince or king. That was not to be.

My father and mother both turned away from me. It broke my heart, but Farrar was my soulmate. I know that they thought that by turning away, they would somehow get me to see the folly of my ways and return home. I haven't been home since the day I left with Farrar. I have never looked back.

Our life together was so wonderful. We were never able to have any children, but that never seemed to bother Farrar. He taught me everything he knew about woodscraft and weaponry. It never failed to amuse him, however, that no matter how proficient I became with the sword and throwing knives, I never could hit the bulls eye using a bow and arrow. I traveled with him often, learning the ways of the warriors, how to tend to wounds using the bounty of the land around us. I learned how to cook with whatever game we caught, again using the herbs I found to flavor our food.

I hated learning how to tan hides, but soon became rather proud of my efforts. I had kept a piece of the first hide I ever tanned, to remind me of how horrible I was at the beginning. Farrar acted as if it was the finest hide he'd ever seen. If only he could see what I wrap up in at night now. He truly would have been proud, I think.

Oh, you want to know what happened to Farrar and why I am a woman out on my own, in warrior's garb? My husband had been sick. Everyone in town seemed to be ill at one point or another that winter. Thankfully, it had not proven to be deadly, just very rough on the victims' systems. Farrar was at the end of the cycle and I encouraged him to sleep through it. I had prepared a potion using burdock to help treat the symptoms and tucked him back into our bed. Strapping my throwing knives to my waist as I prepared to check on the trap I had laid earlier, I had kissed him goodbye, not knowing that it would be the last time I would ever see my love on this earth.

I had returned with a small deer. After hanging it up to bleed out, I entered our home only to find blood running in a small river from the bedroom door. Heart in my throat, I grabbed my sword and tiptoed to the doorway. Farrar was dead. Killed in our bed while he slept.

To this day, I do not know how long I stood there, staring at the remains of the man I had kissed farewell only a short while ago. The man who had murmured a sleepy goodbye as I headed out. I must have screamed, for when I came to my senses, my throat was raw.

I prepared the funeral bier alone. After it was done, after my life lay in ashes at my feet, I changed into the clothing you see me in now. The leather pants and sleeveless top came from clothing of Farrar's that I had cut down to fit me early in our marriage, when I had first started to accompany my husband out to the fields of battle. My favorite throwing knives were a present from him. The sword I purchased the year before Farrar died, from a good friend of ours. You might wonder why I wear no ornamentation. Even my leather guantlets are plain, you say. Strange for a woman whose name means beautifully dressed, isn't it? I told you that my father had high hopes for marrying me off. He probably thought that by naming me Alida, people would assume I was fastidious about my appearance!

Back to the reason why I wear no jewels or other ornaments. I must have lost my mind for a short while, for I burned everything in our home. I took a torch, lit in the funeral fires, and burned our home to the ground, and everything in it. Even the beautiful jewelry my husband had gifted me with now and again throughout our short marriage perished in the flames. All I have is what you see. Nothing more, nothing less. If I cannot carry it in my small sack, I leave it behind.

I left that very evening. I butchered the deer and took a small bit of the meat with me. As it was already late, I simply left the remaining cuts of meat in front of the door of a poor woman in town. A knock on the door and I was gone.

On my way out, I passed our homestead one last time. My soul had been destroyed. Farrar was gone and there was nothing left for me there now.

I know that he had made enemies. Every warrior will at some point. I search now for the ones responsible for making me a widow. I left almost five years ago and I am now heading into my own twenty ninth year. In those five years, I have yet to find a man who touched me in the way that Farrar did. I miss him.

If you should happen to pass a small warrior woman in town, say hello to me.  I never realized how small I was compared to the men around me until I met up with Hercules and his friend Iolaus. I stand about a hand shorter than Iolaus, which means that to see Hercules' face, I must crane my neck back quite a bit. I keep my brown hair short and neat. My eyes, a pale brown, miss very little, I will see you staring at me. Don't give me your pity. Instead, give me the names of the men who killed my husband, so I may see justice done. Until that day, I will continue to throw in with the good guys, hoping that someday I will join Farrar in the Elysian Fields. I hope he will be proud of me.

NAME: Jewel
AGE: 28
SEX: Female
PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Petite, 5'5", blue eyes, shoulder length brown hair, wears a blue knee length skirt and doeskin shirt, deerskin gauntlets with snakeskin trim and doeskin boots
WEAPONS: boot dagger, staff
GOOD POINTS: Friendly, caring, generous, slow to anger
BAD POINTS: Long fuse, but when it reaches the end...well let's just say you don't want to be on the receiving end, tends to act first think later
OCCUPATION/SKILLS: skilled the use of many weapons as well as hand-to-hand combat. Warrior, hunter, musician, knows a little about healing.
HISTORY: Unknown as yet!

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