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The Iolaus Scrolls


Joining the List

The Saga is essentially a Role Playing Game. It's set in the Ancient Greece of the TV series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.

List members develop a character and write story style posts about their adventures. List members interact with each other in a virtual environment with other list members and the Gods, Goddesses, Demi-Gods and other Mortals from the series, as well as the other list members.

Each character is a member of a faction: Good Guys or Bad Guys. (Who said life wasn't Black and White?) The Saga players are constantly battling over one thing or another, whether it's the mysterious Iolaus Scrolls or another of Ares wicked schemes. One day we may even get Alcemene's garden wall finished!

Above all, saga members have a great time!


Rimsey & Bron

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