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For the time being, anyone wanting to join is required to read the entire saga beforehand. The scrolls are here for you to brouse at will.

This is for several reasons:

  1. So the newbies aren't confused about what's going on.
  2. So they don't accidentally play havoc with an existing plot line

We're new and the saga isn't all that long, it won't take you long to read so dive right it. If the Saga gets too long, we'll work on a summary, so don't worry about catching up, it's easiest part!

So you've read the Saga Scrolls and you still want to join the insanity? Read on, my friend...

1.  Subscribe to the mailing list.

Send an email with 'subscribe your@email.addy scrolls' in the body of the message to Please leave the subject line blank as this confuses the computer.

2.  Lurk.

The Scrolls have an enforced lurking period of one week. This is for the newbies to get comfortable with the atmosphere of the list. During this week, there are several tasks to complete.

  1. Read all the posts and familiarise yourself with the current plotline.
  2. Complete your Character Bio.
  3. Write your introductory post.

3.  Become a fully fledged member of the Iolaus Scrolls!

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