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Rules of the Scrolls


No Injury is to befall Iolaus!

For instance, if he is captured by Evil the use of all none physical force is allowed but don't permanently damage him.

This rule also covers all other cannon characters. You may NOT kill Hercules, Xena, Autoylcus, or even Joxer and Gabby, no matter how much some of us may want to. We're not quite so strict about the injury deal with them, however...

Survival of the Fittest... sort of?

No Killing!

We can't have our members running up to each other and slicing everyone to pieces; Wound -Yes. Kill - NO!

Please remember this is a list with minors, and in keeping with the spirit of the IML. So keep the violence levels to a minimum necessary for the plot. You all know what happens on the show, use that as a guide.

To Post or Not to Post...

Each character must post at least once a week to remain active.

This is the most important mundane rule we have after the Golden Rule. If a character doesn't make an appearance, they are banished to The Valley of the Lurkers.

Visiting VOTL can also be a choice if you're finding it hard keeping up with the list, but it's not the most pleasant place to be, so it's better if you write yourself off on a nice long holiday, or have someone else tag your character into their posts instead, if you plan to be away for a long time.

Basically, be aware that each character is expected to post to the list at least once a week and if you can't do this for some reason, and it's going to be a continuous thing, please let the list folks know so we can get on with things and keep a place warm for you when you return.

When you do delurk, you are expected to have caught up on the goings on of the list.

Combined posts are welcomed and even encouraged.

If two or more people want to get together and do a post - go for it - it makes it more fun when people team up.

Respect other peoples characters!

Gods and Mortals and Crossover Characters. Oh My!

No romances with or between the established characters, most especially Iolaus!

Unless it is cannon on the show, such as Alcemene/Jason.

Sorry folks, but there really isn't enough of Iolaus (or Hercules or Ares or Joxer...) to go around.

If you really want a romance, write the fanfic instead and post it to the IML, we'd all love to read it there.

However... pairings among the IML members characters is another story altogether. If two IMLers want their characters to have a romance, so long as both parties are happy with it, then it's up to them. (Within the realms of good taste. ie PG13)

Outside characters can be brought into the saga! The more the merrier!

BUT they must be looked after.

AND you must explain how they got there in the first place!

If you do bring in a crossover character, don't forget to share them around. Other people may love to play with Blair Sandburg or Nikita or Methos or Han Solo as well.

If the whole crossover deal seems a little complex, well... it's meant to be. This is the Iolausian saga, after all. As much as we love the other guys, we don't want to be overrun with crossover characters.

All manner of familiars and or animals can be brought into the saga.

If you want dragon or a kitten or a horse go ahead - but remember you have to feed him! So be careful what you wish for.

Who the Hades are YOU?

We love all those Gods and Goddesses and existing characters. We even have a Godly Guide, otherwise known as our Character FAQ, tell you all about them. Use them, that's what the Saga is about; interacting with characters from the show. But try and keep them as 'in character' as possible (e.g. Autolycus is 'good' but can be bribed!)

En Guard! Draw Your Sword... or your Bow & Arrow... or your Slingshot...

Only 2 weapons of choice per character.

If you decide to change your weapon you have to get rid of one of the others. Lose it or give to someone else. You can't just store it away for a rainy day.

When choosing or swapping or buying or stealing your weapons, remember, this is Ancient Greece. Guns and other weapons not of the time period are banned from the saga (it is very hard to ensure only wounding with a semi automatic!) However you can borrow from visiting charactors while they are there - they have to take their toys home with them at the end of the day!

Bows and arrows, slingshots, fighting pikes, swords, all are fine as they have appeared in the show. If it's not been on the show somewhere, there is a good chance it's not allowed.

If in doubt, feel free to ask Zeus!

Other equipment is limited by what you can carry.

If you're a healer, you may want to carry healing herbs and potions. If you're a cook, you may want to bring along your wooden spoon. Just be realistic. This is not Highlander, we don't have that magical Katana space. Think realistically what you can carry around with you. Improvisation is half the fun! And there are no Chiropractors in Ancient Greece - so don't complain to us if your back hurts!

The Good, The Bad and the... In-between?

Every character must chose to be either Good or Bad. There is NO in between!

This doesn't mean, though, that Evil can't have redeeming features and Good can't have the occasional 'Wiggout'.

If you wish to change sides during the saga you can do so after 3 months. If you want to change again after that, you'll have to wait 6 months.

This rule is for a good reason: it gets way too confusing having people ping-ponging back and forth between sides. So chose wisely, my friends.

Identity Chrisis!

If you want to play more than one character, it is dependent on the will of Zeus.

You must also be willing to post at least once a week for every character. This rule is enforced even more strictly on multiple characters.

You must apply for the new character to join the Saga just as with the first character. If the list is very busy at the time, your request for a second (or third!) character may be denied, simply as we must keep the list volume down. Please don't take it personally. When the list quiets down, you can always apply again.

All Hail the Mighty Zeus!

Zeus is all powerful!

Zeus can do anything, including revoke events and break the rules. That's why he's not to be written by just anybody and he will very rarely make an apperance.

The list is a democracy and it's run by and for the IMLers, but the listmums retain the right to invoke Zeus if things get out of control. Or to stir up trouble...

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