After just a couple of hours in an afternoon workshop, kids from your community
could be in an original, funny, thought-proviking MUSICAL MELODRAMA.

Carter Performers present Pied Piper: The Rest of the Story, an original, all-ages musical melodrama. The fun starts with a 2-hour Children's Theater Workshop the afternoon of the performance where the kids learn the basics of theater and practice their parts as the rats and, later, as the children of Hamelin. The workshop kids then join Carter Performers on stage that evening in several scenes during the musical.

The actors are all accomplished musicians, so the show starts with a short concert by Carter and the troupe in the vaudeville “olio” tradition where each actor is given an opportunity to shine. Total running time is around 90 minutes.

Pied Piper: The Rest of the Story has been described as the traditional Pied Piper tale combined with a back story similar to the ecology theme of the movie "Avatar." Discussion questions range from "What can be the unintended consequences when you break a promise?" to "How far do you have the right to go to protect your home and property?" It is one of the few stories where, in the end, EVERYONE, including the Villain, gets what s/he really wanted. Therefore, "What do you think are the real motivations here?" and "What might have been a better strategy for the Rat Master?" and "What does win-win mean?" are more good questions. See The Rat Master for an example.

For those on a smaller budget, Artistic Director Larry Carter as The Pied Piper of Lawrence conducts a simplier one-hour Children's Theater Workshop appropriate for younger children, then presents an all-ages concert of lively, original music combined with the Pied Piper tale. The highlight of the concert is when the workshop kids join him on stage and join him with the Rat Master's song and dance number.
Children's Theater Workshop
Workshop included at no extra cost

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Carter solo, "Pied Piper of Lawrence"
Workshop, concert, Pied Piper with host kids

About the Rat Master
He's not really a bad sort - and he DOES love the rats...

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Carter Performers and Carter solo (The Pied Piper of Lawrence)

The Experts Say...

"I liked being a rat and pretending to eat cheese."
Ella, age 4

"I loved the song where the rats come in.
I still sing the song A LOT!"
Madeline, age 5

"Each year the Junction City Arts Council has tried to bring a stage performance to Junction City that is geared toward children to help young people become accustomed to and gain an appreciation for live theater.

We had the great pleasure of hosting Larry Carter Performers last year. They presented “The Pied Piper of Hamlin,” which surpassed our expectations. Two components of their visit to Junction that I was especially pleased with was their communication level with the children, and their professionalism with the business side of the performance.

I was pleased that the performers were flexible in their venue needs and was able to graciously make do with our limited offering... Larry and his crew communicated expertly with the children who were able to participate in the show. They treated the children with respect and professionalism."

Gail Parsons
Junction City Arts Council, Junction City, Kansas

"Throughout the years, the Satanta Arts Council has hosted many performers from the touring roster, and the Carter Performers have been among the best received in our community. The group conducted a workshop with a group of community young people, who were then included in the performance that evening. The performers who worked with the children were enthusiastic, patient, and flexible, and the evening performance was delightful.

The Carter Performers are accommodating and easy to work with. They are a talented group, and their performances are creative and enjoyable. We would be happy to host them in Satanta again."

Karen E. Burrows
Satanta Arts Council, Satanta, Kansas

The Piper and Town Council meet the Rats of Hamelin

The Rat Master and his crew doing the Rat Dance

The Piper leads the children out of Hamelin

All ends well as the child on crutches captures the villain and saves the children

Carter Performers
$2800 for 6-person theater troupe, including the Children's Theater Workshop

The Pied Piper of Lawrence
$600 for solo performance by Larry Carter, including the Children's Theater Workshop

Email contact: Larry@LCarter.Com, 785-841-8473

40% of the performance fee for Carter Performers and Carter solo is underwritten through the Kansas Arts Commission.

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