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Tuesday Concert Series
        Solo opening act, March 7th through May 30th
        Lawrence Arts Center

Forest Green
        April 9th - Church picnic
        Lone Star, Kansas

Whole Earth Kirtan
        May 7th - Chanting By Lamplight
        Chants for Spring & Personal Renewal

        May 26th - Heartland Pagan Festival, Kansas

        June 23rd - Meadowfest, Colorado Rockies

Workshop with Alane Crowymen
        August 11th - Dragonfest, Colorado Rockies

Inspiration Fire Circle with Alane Crowymen
        August 11th - Dragonfest, Colorado Rockies

Producing - Lawrence Old Guard Productions

Tuesday Concert
Weekly - Concert series at the Lawrence Arts Center
           Spring - Bob Dylan Fest
           Fall - Ukulele Fest

Chanting By Lamplight
Monthly - First Sunday of the month at Delaware Commons

Lawrence Bhakti Fest
Annual - Celebration of Kirtan & yoga, Westside Yoga

"Scots on the Kaw"
Executive Producer, 2010 Concert Documentary on DVD
Connie Dover, Uncle Dirtytoes, Forest Green & more

Musician - Producer

Whole Earth Kirtan
Spiritual chants from everywhere

Guitar-Cittern -a new type of bouzuki

Tuesday Concert
12 years of area musicians struttin' their stuff

Chanting by Lamplight
First Sunday of each month. Give bliss a chant!

Lawrence Bhakti Fest
        Annual - Chanting, Yoga & Veggie Feast

Pied Piper of Lawrence
Retelling of Pied Piper tale with original prequel & sequel

Forest Green
Original & traditional folk, plus wedding music

Lawrence Scotish Fest
"Scots on the Kaw" DVD now available at

Music History
My music history

Lawrence Old Guard
Producing quality concerts since 1988

The Rowan Tree
Celtic myths & superstitions

Spirit World
Michael Newton - conversing with your soul

Carter, Wennihan, Bell, Riggs, and more

Contact Me
Email - Larry "at" LCarter.Com
But write @ instead of "at" - right? Write!

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