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Larry Carter -

Recurring Productions
Tuesday Concert
Weekly - Now starting its 12th year, this is a weekly concert series currently at the Lawrence Arts Center that features local acoustic musicians. I perform a one song opening act, then introduce the featured band or artist who performs a one-hour concert.

Chanting by Lamplight
Monthly - First Sunday of each month at Delaware Commons and featuring the bands in Lawrence Bhakti Fest. Lawrence area kirtan bands.

Lawrence Bhakti Fest
Annual - 6 Kirtan Bands - 3 Yoga Workshops - Veggie Feast - held each fall at Westside Yoga, Lawrence.

I produced Lawrence Scottish Fest at the Lawrence Arts Center for 8 years, and am the Executive Producer of Scots on the Kaw, a 2010 documentary of Lawrence Scottish Fest that includes this performance of one of my songs by my own band, Forest Green. Lawrence Arts Center, 2009

Occasional Productions

Whole Earth Kirtan
World music combined with spiritual chants from a wide variety of traditions, including Hindu, Sufi, Pagan, Native American, Christian, and originals.

Forest Green
My duo with Cordelia Brown. Contemporary and traditional folk with particular emphasis on the songs of Robert Burns, plus light classical music for weddings.

Previous Productions

Lawrence Scottish Fest
2011 was my final year (after 8) of producing this celebration of traditional and contemporary Scottish music and culture at the Lawrence Arts Center. During that time I was also the Emcee, performed with my band Forest Green, and was Executive Producer of the concert documentary Scots on the Kaw.

Scots on the Kaw
I am the Executive Producer of this concert documentary of how we celebrated the 250th birthday of Scottish poet Robert Burns. The DVD features an outstanding performance by Celtic singer Connie Dover, plus Celtic rock with Uncle Dirtytoes, original and traditional folk with Forest Green, and contemporary folk with Maria & Megan, a brief history of the Scots by Rev, the story of the connection between Robert Burns and the founding of Lawrence, and more. It is available at or at Brits in downtown Lawrence for $15, or by contacting me, Larry "at"

The Pied Piper of Lawrence
Original music, plus storytelling of The Pied Piper of Hamelin with my original prequel and sequel. I was for many years sponsored by the Kansas Arts Commission (until it was dissolved by Gov Sam Brownback) to conduct an afternoon Children's Theater Workshop followed by an evening all-ages concert where the workshop kids joined me on stage. For communities with a larger budget, I brought in my 6-person theater troupe, "Carter Performers," to perform my original musical melodrama "Pied Piper: The Rest of the Story." For communities with a smaller budget, I conducted the afternoon Children's Theater Workshop, and the kids joined me onstage that evening to act in a solo storyteller version of the play.