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Our Success Stories

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This is Gypsy, the dog that started East Kentucky Rescue. She now has a Wonderful home and her new mom has become one of our best friends. We get mail from Gypsy all the time, and we still love her more than anything.


Lisa Monique was found by a friend and with the help of many people she was transported to Inky Rottweiler Rottweiler Rescue in Indiana. Inky Rottweiler Rescue found Lisa Monique her new family.

"We are so grateful to East Kentucky Rescue for Lisa Monique. Without them we wouldn't have this wonderful precious little girl."

Tara and Rose Nichols

Lisa Monique, her mom Tara and Gramma Rose

Mollie when she was first rescued.
This is Daisy at her forever home. She is a much loved member of the Dempsey family, she not only has a new mom and dad, she has a Sheltie sister AND a new name. Meet Mollie !!!! Just look at the smile on her face and the happiness in her eyes.


This is Mac and Hunter ( brothers ) that were rescued just minutes before being put to sleep. An elderly man had taken them to a vets to have it done because he could no longer care for them. He didn't want them seperated and refused to take them to the shelter for that reason. The vet told the man about rescues and what they did and he agreed to let our rescue take them. They are two lucky little dogs !! they now live in Va. and have the sweetest mom and dad on this planet !!! They will be together forever, just like we promised.

Mac and Hunter

Meet Sissy, talk about your rags to riches story this is it. She was rescued from the Animal Shelter where she had been picked up as a stray. She was a mess to say the least, and having a really bad hair day when we picked her up. She now lives in SC in the lap of luxury with her very own maid to do her hair, wish we were that lucky !!!


This is little Casey, he was rescued from a Back Yard Breeder. He spent 10 years in a crate and used to make money for this "person" (if you can call them a person) that refused to get a real job. Casey had no muscle tone in his legs and it was very hard for him to get around. He is now living the good life in Iowa, with his mom and his two Yorkie brothers, way to go Casey !!


This is Rusty, he was rescued from the animal shelter after he was dumped by the local Pet Shop that couldn't sell him during Christmas. Just so you'll know, the Pet Shop took in 10 puppies that day. Have you ever wondered what happens to the Pet Shop puppies they can't sell ?? Now you know. The three pups I was able to rescue that day all found wonderful homes, the other 7 are dead. I adopted Rusty, and he's now a member of my family.


This is Blue, my pride and Joy. He was one of the 3 Shelties I rescued from that awful breeder, along with Mollie and Lassie. I'm very happy to say that Blue is now the poster boy for East Kentucky Rescue and he's been adopted by the Hoover family in Zionsville, IN.


Blue with his favorite girls and new siblings

Izzy, named after hurricane Isabel, was found on the side of a road by some folks and East Kentucky Rescue was contacted about this little gal. We went and picked her up and it was instant love. She is one very lucky girl as she had several things that were wrong with her and left untreated she may have died. We got her to the vet and got things taken care of. Izzy was adopted by the Baltzell family who drove a long way from Indiana to get her.

Izzy and Her New Family

This is Hambone. She was rescued from the local shelter. She is one very beautiful girl. Please visit her on our available page.


Bandit was rescued from a puppy mill, I adopted him too, some dogs just tug at your heart strings. He would have been deemed unadoptable by most rescues. It's taken me a year to earn his trust and me alone. After becoming friends with a lot of Sheltie rescue people, they would have put him down. He spent 5 years in a puppy mill and then sold to a back yard breeder that didn't change his lifestyle at all. I got Bandit when this breeder wanted rid of the Shelties so he could breed poodles, poms, and yorkies. Thank God this menace to society was brought up on charges of animal abuse and all his dogs were taken away.

Bandit with his brother Kiki lounging.

This is Max, he was rescued from a Back yard Breeder. He's now a spoiled and much loved member of his very own family.


This is Jazzy, she was rescued from a Shelter in TN. She was in bad shape when she got here, much worse than the before picture shows. She's now at her forever home in SC where she enjoys being a house dog, and having a huge farm to play on.

Jazzy when we first got her

Jazzy after getting proper care

This is Karen, a very original name for a Cairn Terrier I think. She was rescued from a High kill shelter in WV. She now sleeps in the bed with her new mom and is learning how good life can be.


This is Tucker, also rescued from a back yard breeder that couldn't sell the last pup of the litter. He now has a wonderful home in WV. and has grown into a beautiful little red Pom.


This is CD she was rescued from a Back yard breeder that found their was zero demand for Shiba Inu dogs in East Kentucky. She released CD after only one litter of pups !! How lucky is that.


This is Bejing, he was a 1600.00 dog that the breeder released to rescue along with his pup Spike and CD. She took a huge loss on these sad....NOT !!! Bejing's adoption fee was 100.00


Bejing in his new home

This is Spike, he is one of the 3 Shiba Inu dogs I rescued. He now is the only child of a wonderful couple in the Windy City of Chicago. He was a gorgeous pup !!


This is Fuzzy, he was rescued from a Shelter in WV. Fuzzy was adopted by a family that has a has a handicapped Child. This note was sent to us 3 days after he went home. " Thanks for helping us find a dog that is going to make a difference in our daughters life. She's so happy to have Fuzzy".


This is Pappy, he was rescued from a Shelter during his last days on this planet. We couldn't believe he was passed over so many times at the shelter and adopted within his first week at being at our rescue.


This is Sara, she was rescued from a back yard breeder after she developed health problems. Sara is now fine and doesn't have to worry about having puppies anymore, she is a much loved member of her family.


This background was exclusively made for East Kentucky Rescue.