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East Kentucky Rescue's Success Stories Page 2

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Song being played is I Feel Good by James Brown, how fitting!!!!

This GSD pup is one of SIX I rescued from the Animal Shelter. A person brought in the whole litter of these babies, they were transported up North to another GSD rescue were they had homes waiting.

One Of The German Shepherd Pups

This is Dylan, he was rescued from the Animal Shelter. After being passed over so many times he was in danger of being put to sleep. Black dogs have a hard time finding homes once they end up in a shelter. Dylan was rescued and transported up North to his waiting forever home.


This is Benji, he was rescued from the Animal Shelter here in Kentucky. He found a wonderful home and is responsible for another adoption of one of my dogs. Thank you Benji:-)


This is Gabs, she was rescued from a back yard breeder that had traded a pup to get 2 breeding females. She hadn't seen the two female dogs when she made the deal and was very upset and never liked this dog. I was happy to take her and found her a wonderful home.


This little yorkie, Tathiana, has found herself a wonderful home.


Camille was rescued from a local shelter and is now the member of a wonderful family in Georgia.


Thank you John and family for giving Indy a wonderful home.

Fluffy was transported to New Jersey to her forever home. She was very ill when she came to us but received proper vet care while in our foster care and left a very healthy and happy girl.


This wonderful boy found his home with Allen and his family thanks to East Kentucky Rescue helping him find him at another rescue.

Allen's Boy

This beautiful Boxer was rescued from our local shelter, he was an owner turn in and was in danger of being put to sleep. He now has a Wonderful family that thinks he's the best dog they've ever had.


Thanks to all of you that showed an interest in Izzle. We're happy to say we found him a stay at home mom, and thats exactly what we were looking for. Let me remind you that Izzle came from an Animal Shelter, and that there are many more out there looking for homes just like him. Let me encourage you to check the shelters often !! I'm sure you'll find your dream dog.


Chance was pulled out of a shelter in KY. We know he was very glad to be rescued. We heard from his new mom and he is doing great. He loves to play outside and play in the snow too. He has two brothers now and they all get along great. Chance is such a great success story for a dog who was in danger of being put to sleep. We are so happy to say Chance has found his new forever home.


Nikki has found her forever home. We are so happy for her.


We are proud and happy that Sadie is now living the life she deserves in her forever home.


Petey is now in the loving home he so longed for. What a happy ending, he has a stay at home mom.


Buster was at the local shelter and we helped arranged to get him transported to his new home. His new family loves him and we are so glad they got him, he may not have been allowed to live another day.

Abby Joe
Abby is now living in Indiana with Jean and Bill and her rottie sister Nikki and rottie brothers Bear and Riley. She also has some kitty brothers and sisters but they don't know what to make of her quite yet. Abby thinks she's a rottie in terrier fur.

Muffy in her new home.
Muffy is now living in Ohio with her new momma. She's doing just fine and enjoying the life she was meant to have.

Jazzy is now living in Pikeville, KY with her new momma and enjoying the life of a princess.

Buddy was rescued from a local shelter right when his time was up. He was sent on to collie rescue where they will take good care of him until he can find his forever home.

Miss Daisy
Miss Daisy now has a wonderful home and momma. She's so happy!!!

Oreo was rescued from a local shelter and is now living with her dad Dwain(she's a papa's girl) and her mom Karen, who also adopted our Mollie. Oreo has two sisters now, Mollie and Casey and she loves her new family and new life. Who could ask for more.

Sasha is now living with her new family in Indianapolis.


Max is now living with his new family and is from what his new mom tells us quite spoiled. Wonderful news!!!


Lacy's new foster dad who is a pilot flew in to pick her up. Our sweet Lacy took to the skies to get to her new foster home and earned her wings that awesome day !! It's a wonderful feeling to see so many people working together to save the life, (or make the life better) for one little bird dog, good job guys !!! Where there's a will there's a way !!!



Corey and his new best friend

Buck and his new family






Mushu and Mushu with new parents



This background was exclusively made for East Kentucky Rescue.