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Lassie, The Loss of an Angel

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Today we lost the fight to save Lassie, she went to sleep

very peacefully in a hospital in Atlanta. We had her transported

this past weekend in an attempt to save her life. The damage that was

done to her from years and years of breeding is what took

her in the end. Some of the best vets in the

Country worked on saving her, but her little body was to far gone.

They said she has had no less than 12 litters of puppies and her own

mother was only 6 months older than she was. It's a sad

thing when money means more to people

than something with a soul does.

My heart is broke and tears are flowing as I type.

Today we lost an angel, but I promise to her

and to all dogs suffering in Puppy Mills

and in the hands of Back yard breeders

that I'll work harder. If your reading this then

you understand, but don't stop at that. Tell everybody you

know about the horrors of Puppy Mills and Back Yard Breeders.

If we all work together then and only then

will things change. If you just tell one person about the little

Sheltie that wanted more than anything to be loved, but instead

she was bred over and over till it killed her. Maybe the one

person you tell will be the answer to their prayers.

Good night sweet Lassie and I'll always love you......

I want to Thank all the wonderful people at Sheltie Rescue of Georgia.