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Kody Blue, Proof There Is Hope For The Mill Dog

Kody Blue is one of our greatest success stories. He was a puppy mill rescue, had been confined to a crate and used for breeding. His little feet probably never knew what grass and a clean area was until he was rescued. He has now gone on to be a very loved member of the Hoover family for which we are so thankful. This boy won FIRST PLACE in obedience and finished 4th in his class for Agility. You see with love and kindness there is hope for the Puppy Mill Rescue. Thank you from the bottom of our heart to the Hoover family. We've included a wonderful story written by Krysta Hoover about Kody Blue.

Krysta's 4-H Project won Grand Champion and she is going on to the Indiana State Fair. Her project is "Adopting A Rescued Dog".

UPDATE: Krysta won 2nd place at the Indiana State Fair, great job Krysta, East Kentucky Rescue is so proud of you!!!!!!

When we saw the picture of Blue, now known as Kody, we knew that we wanted to adopt him. We were in Colorado on vacation when we decided that we were going to get him, it all happened very quickly. We had heard about him from a friend of our mom's before we left on our vacation, and then while we were out there, we talked on the phone with Lisa and then planned the day when we would drive to Kentucky to pick him up.
Right from the beginning he fit in with our family and our three dogs, which were all Shelties. At first he was a little clumsy when he tried run, but after time, he became one of our fastest dogs. Then he changed attitudes again during the winter and became lethargic and quiet. When we took him to the vet to see what was wrong, we found out that he had a disease called hypothyroid, which as we found out is quite common to Shelties. The vet then put him on medication and days after he started taking the medication he was jumping around, barking, and he even got a bit annoying at times. But we were still happy that he was feeling so good. He is a very friendly dog and is not scared or nervous about going into new situations, he goes into new situations with his tail wagging. Kody is so loving that no one would ever know the terrible life he had in his early years. He is a wonderful example that rescue dogs make wonderful pets. He has come so far in just the short time that he has lived with us.
In March 4-H began in our county and I decided to enroll him in obedience and agility. I have been showing one of our other dogs for 6 years now and my two sisters each show one of our Shelties. As I started teaching him, I found out that Kody was a very fast learner, he is so eager to please. He learned a lot from following around my other dog and doing exactly what she does to get praise from me, it's very funny. He learned the skills so fast and is doing quite well in 4-H. He loves agility, mainly because he gets to run and he has so much fun. He will be an awesome agility and obedience dog when he gets more practice in and I can't wait to see how good he'll get.
It's been such a joy to have him be a part of our family and I'm glad there are people out there like Lisa who care so much and spend so much time rescuing dogs, nursing them back to health and adopting them out to good families. We are so thankful that Lisa puts so much time, effort, money and love into the dogs that she rescues. Lisa did a wonderful job getting Kody socialized and ready for a normal home life.
Thank you, Lisa, for rescuing this dog and many others. You and the other rescuers bring happiness to dogs and people alike. I am thankful for the people who put the time and money into rescuing dogs and putting them into new homes. Thank you for everything you have done for Kody and the other dogs.

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