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East Kentucky Rescue's Kennel Construction

Today, Wednesday, February 11th, East Kentucky Rescue started construction of it's new kennel facility. We will placing pictures showing the progress of our new building. We are so excited that we will have such a wonderful new building for our rescued furkids. A very big thank you goes to my husband Dwayne who has helped so much in making my dream come true.

Day One

Day 2

Day 12

Day 17
We Have A Building!!!!

March 3rd, we're coming along!!

Check out our progress, it's gorgeous!!

March 23, well on our way to looking like a Rescue Kennel

April 6th and we're getting power hooked up

April 7th, outside and inside are nearly complete.

Our Kennel Is Done

We just have a few cosmetic touches to be done but isn't this just the most beautiful foster home for rescue furkids!!!