Hey, here's a true story for you. So I'm in art class and I'm sitting at my table with the four others (a jock, an eccentric guy, an annoying guy, and this stupid really dumb jock) and we all start talking about tv and crap. Then we went to talking about the Tom Green show and I stated that I don't get cable. After about seven minutes of the entire class staring at me, one guy goes,"Let me guess, then. You watch a lot of movies don't you?" And I reply,"Yep." That's right; to confiscate the fact that I don't get cable and miss out on about two good tv shows, I watch A LOT of movies. Unfortunately, I won't rate any of the really good ones I see in the theaters and rate only the ones that I have, which unfortuantely (or fortunately) all pretty much really suck.

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Gee, what movies did I like? Spice World...Arcade...Casper: A Spirited Beginning... Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves... oh yeah!
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