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books, literature, and controversy

I really enjoy reading...usually. Summer reading is one the best ways to pass time in summer. But for me, there is some sort of moral dillema that makes me think that reading during the summer is an enormous waste of time. Summer is a time to be wavy-gravy, pardy hardy, and write my weird crap like a hoity-toity loser.

Section Sypnosis
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ReviewsReviews of the books that I could remember reading. Ummmm.. (Well, anyway, be warned. These really suck!)N/A
FavoritesMy favorites books and such.N/A
Hate Rants People and corporations I dislike. When I say dislike, I mean hate. When I say hate, I mean I want to rip their heads off, steal their money, use their tounge to paint my house, and... well, now I've gone too far.N/A

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