winners of have-your-link-on-a-low-profile-website contest

ToastyFrog Jump!

    This is the peciular named site about games, anime, and other stuff weird people are associated with. The site is fueled by a biased and opinionated frog.

Axem5's Homepage

    This is a homepage. There's not much to do here. But why should the webmaster care when he's over six feet tall and girls worship him.

Gaming Intelligence Agency

    This is the GIA. You should go here because they have information on games and stuff. They claim to appeal to all genres but they obviously favor RPGs. Which, of course, isn't a bad thing.


    About seven trillion times better than RPGamer

    I don't know why I put this here. It's pretty cool, I suppose. Ah, well.

    This site is weird, grotesque, strange, and funny. I don't go here very often because it makes my stomach churn but it's amusing nonetheless.


    To complete my plea bargain, I have to advertise Angelfire, the place where my page is being hosted, like nobody's business.

conspicuously missing


your site

    Well, it's not here because it probably sucks.