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Merry Meet! and welcome to my website on Wicca. I am making this website to help teach anyone who is interested all i know. Included within these pages are some references from Scott Cunningham Books and web sites (which are marked with proper credit) i particularly thought could help explain to you what Wicca was about. But to find it you truly have to feel it not just read and follow. Other than that everything else is What Wicca is to me. It is not ALL about casting spells. That is A small part of what makes Wicca what it is. Let these pages help you find what Wicca means to you.^_^

If you have any questions comments, thoughts, or requests (other than requesting spells please) submit them to my Dream Book, post in my message board or e-mail me.

If you have any poetry, or anything you want to submit, I have a community Book of Shadows so e-mail me the poetry etc... and I'll put them in the community book of shadows (don't forget to put the authors of the compositions. So i can give credit to them)

Blessed Be!

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Upcoming Sabbat:

Mabon(September 21st or 22nd)

Southern Hemisphere: Oestara (Ostara)

Learn more about this Sabbat and others.

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As The Wheel Of The Year turns, now and then we all need some tools and supplies:

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What is Wicca?

The Wiccan Rede

The Witches Creed

The Goddess

The God

The Burning Times

Wiccan Terms and Definitions

Psychic and Clairvoyant Insite

Effective Prayer

Magickal Names

The Wiccan Mysteries

The Invocation of Power


The Elements

Altar Tools, Sacred Spaces, and Initiation

My Altar Tools (See what I use)

Spirit Guides

Herbal Correspondence

Gem and Stone Correspondence

Color Correspondence

Candle Colour Correspondence

Incense Correspondence

Astrological Correspondence

Essencial Oils Correspondence

Continue Your Journey through my Enchanted Realm through here.

Please contact NightShadeMoon if you have any questions, comments, or anything to submit.

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