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Candle Correspondants

Uses Color
Prosperity: Green
Personal Strength and Courage: Green, Brown
Protection from Negative Magick: Black
To Gain Ancient Wisdom: Indigo, Purple
To Find What You Seek: Blue, Violet
As an Offering or Skill in a Craft: White, Gold
Partnership or Sex Magick: Pink, Red, Purple
Happiness or Harmony: Pink, Yellow
Self-Control or Protection: White, Blue
For a Rest Period or to Stop Slander: White, Silver
Justice or Agriculture: White, Green
Communication with Other Realms: Indigo, Purple
Unexpected Luck or Opportunity: Blue, Green
Healing or Vital Energy: Orange, Red, Gold
Protection as in Going Unnoticed: White
New Beginnings or to Invoke the Goddess: Green, White, Silver
Victory or Success: White, Gold
Perfection for a Besom or for a Safe Journey: Blue
Self-Improvement or Meditation: Indigo, Violet
To Gain Intuition: Blue, Violet
Completion or to Invoke the God: Indigo, Gold
Working Where Two Worlds Meet: Pale Violet
To Know One's Place in the Established Order: White, Gold