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Essencial Oils

The Herbs, Incense, and Oils all donít necessarily mean the same things just because they are made from the same herbs. Like Sage for incense means Spirituality, and Spirit Work and for oils it means wisdom and purification, and herb wise it can be used for healing. So just because its made from the same herb doesnít always mean it means the same thing.
Scents Uses
Amber: Success, Good Fortune
Anise: Peaceful sleep, youthfulness
Bergamot: Money, success
Cinnamon: Attraction, speed
Coconut: Purification, Peace, Intuition
Frankincense Purification, Luck
Frank and Myrrh: Protection, purification, spirituality
Gardenia: Love, Peace
Heliotrope: Healing, Wealth
Honey Suckle: Money, Psychic Powers
Jasmine: Spiritual Love
Lavender: Healing, Peace, Love
Lily: Protection
Lilac: Love, Protection
Lotus: Protection, Healing, Spirituality
Magnolia: Fidelity
Patchouli: Love, Money, Fertility
Peach: Love, Fertility
Peppermint: Healing, Luck
Rose: Love, Healing, Beauty
Sage: Wisdom, Purification
Ylang Ylang: Opportunity, Peace
Vanilla: Love, Lust
Violet: Love, Healing, Peace
Wisteria: Mental Powers, Mental Healing
Sandalwood: Protection, Purification, Spirituality