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Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides are kind of like your guardian angel, they help you when your in trouble, try to guide you on the right path, and can even save your life. I have a friend who was going through some hard times and was on the verge of killing himself and when he passed out because he was over dosing on some strong pain reliever, his spirit guide came to him in like a dream form and pulled him back into consciousness. You can also call them to be one of the things that help you in your magickal workings and to protect your circle during your magickal workings much like you would call the elements to protect and guide you through your magickal workings. Your spirit guide has a name and it's essential to know what it is if you ever want to call on them for protection or guidance, they may not tell you right away if they donít think you are ready to know it, like say if you try to find them right when your starting out they will still be your spirit guide but they may not think you know enough yet to call upon them every time you need something. You see how one could take advantage of that. But if they feel you are ready they could tell you right away, or if you are way past ready and have done nothing to try to find them they will come to you maybe in a dream or something. Thatís how i found my spirit guide he's a Cougar named Bumpa, and he is a great spirit guide. Some people may also have more then one spirit guide depending on the period of their life or sometimes they just have more then one. I myself have gone through 3 spirit guides, a Centaur when i was first starting out, a Dragon later on in my studies, and now a Cougar, they are all still my spirit guides, just the Cougar is the one doing guidance right now, i can call upon any of them if i want or all of them just my "guardian angel" figure is Bumpa right now.

This Is My Spirit Guide Bumpa. Doesn't He look So Serious?

Here is a simple meditation you can do to find your spirit guide

You will need: About 2 cups of salt water, 1 white candle and a sturdy holder, matches or a lighter, and a notebook and pen.

Make sure you have privacy. Give yourself at least a 2 hour window of opportunity. It's always easier at first, if you eliminate as many of your ties to the human plane as possible. Take a shower and afterwards. wear no cologne, deodorant, hairspray or anything like that. Dress or undress should be according to your own standards, but Iíve found that wearing black, gray, or white works the best for me. You can get better auditory receptions. Then, choose a room in your house (or outside if you have a privacy spot.) and make it as clean as possible. (no crumbs on the floor!) to work in. Turn off the phone, and have no outside interferences.

Pick a spot on the floor and set up candle, notebook, pen, and lighter/matches beside you. Take the salt water and sprinkle a circle around you and your tools. Once you have cast the circle, DO NOT cross out of it! The purpose is to protect when you are raising energy. Walking out of it destroys the protection. If you have to move around inside the circle, make sure its CLOCKWISE.

Sit down and get comfortable. Speak or think a small protection verse. It can be as simple as saying "Please protect me in my sacred circle." or something like that.

Feel free to be as elaborate as you wish. Light the candle and first, just study it's flickering (A good hint to know if any spirit energy is in the room with you is to have all the windows and doors closed before you start and when the flame moves, you will know when energy is near by.) When you feel relaxed enough, concentrate on contacting your guide.

Keep your eyes closed if this helps keep your concentration. Don't push yourself to hear anything. It may come as a whisper or as a thought in your mind. Don't worry that you are forcing yourself to hear something. That's How it works.

If you make contact, ask questions, have a conversation, TAKE NOTES! It wouldn't be considered rude. Ask for your guide's name. Have fun! It's like getting reacquainted with an old friend. When you feel that you are ready to end the conversation, thank your guide, ask him or her to stay with you and visit you often and say goodnight/bye.

Blow out the candle and using your power hand (the hand you write with. if you use both then usually your right hand.) "Chop" an opening into your circle and say something along the lines of "I open this circle and thank all the energies that protected me this night." As you get more experienced, you will become more comfortable making up your own words. Afterwards, reflect on what you learned and if possible get a good night's sleep. It's natural to feel "high" after an encounter, so take a few minutes before bed to read a chapter or 2 of a book or watch some TV. to reconnect yourself to the human plane.

***Donít be discouraged if it doesnít work the first time. Like i said, donít push anything or try to rush through things. Part of the process is to get you to learn patience and quiet. If it doesnít work the first time, try it again in a few days. Good Luck finding your spirit guide. Blessed Be!***