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Color Correspondants

Color Uses Zodiac Sign Day of Week
Black: Returning to sender, divination, protection, Banishing, Crone Magick, Mourning, and Loss. Scorpio Saturday
Purple: Calling power of ancient ones, sigils/runes, government, psychic ability, Wisdom, Enchantment, spirituality Aquarius Wednesday
Lavender: Invoking the righteous spirit within you, favors for people Aquarius Wednesday
Dark Green: Invoking the goddess of regeneration, agriculture, finance Capricorn Friday
Green: Healing or health, prosperity, growth, luck Cancer Friday
Light Green: Improve the weather Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo Friday
Dark Blue: To create confusion Pisces Thursday
Blue: Protection, Peace, Tranquility, Loyalty Pisces, Libra Thursday
Light Blue: Protection of home/building/young/etc Libra Thursday
Red: Love, romantic atmosphere, energy, lust, vitality, strength, health Taurus Tuesday
Light Red: Deep affection of a non-sexual nature Taurus Tuesday
Pink: Harmony and friendship, friendship in the home, Honor, Love Taurus, Virgo Tuesday
Yellow: Healing, Charm, Confidence Gemini Sunday
Gold: Attraction, The God Virgo No Specific Day; Tuesday could be used for Attraction
Burnt Orange: Opportunity Leo Friday
Orange: Material gain, to seal a spell, attraction, creativity Leo Tuesday
Brown: Peace in the home, herb magick, friendship, Animal Magick, earth spirituality Capricorn Wednesday
Silver: Quick money, gambling, moon magick, Goddess Sagittarius Friday
White: Righteousness, purity, devotional magick, Protection, Truth, Spirituality Aries Monday
Gray: Glamorizes Not Specified Tuesday or Friday