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My Altar Tools

This is my altar. Anything viewed in a seperate picture are the tools i have made. If you want directions on how i made any of them e-mail me and i will tell you how i made them. Blessed Be!

This is a picture of my altar as it currently sits in my room

this altar is another one of my hand crafted items. It is an old table leaf i mosaiced with ceramic tiles.

This is another picture of my altar as it currently sits in my room

Some highlights on this piece:

This is the triple moon symbol located on the left corner of my altar

This is a pentacle located in the center of my altar

This is my old altar from a front perspective

This is my old altar from a top view

I did not make this myself but it is handmade, its a hand broom made by someone at Pagan Pride 2000

This was also not handmade..but hey might as well be i spent all my time writing in it ;)

These are my God and Goddess candle holders i made in ceramics, the crescent moon holder has been pitfired with a copper ion solution applied before the firing. The Sun holder has been glazed with marigold and tangerine glazes.

This is my censar, it is in pinch pot form fired and glazed with an ivy glaze coloring.

This is my chalice, it was also made in a pinch pot form with saffire and ivy glaze colorings.

This is my wand i made with dragon tears, leather, a quartz crystal and an ash branch.

This is my staff i made in pretty much the same technique as my wand. It is made out of a pine branch which i recieved from a nice guy at Pagan Pride 2000, it was handpicked by me.

This is a wand i made of real bamboo,leather, quarts chips, quartz crystal, and purple yarn. I am also selling this piece, if anyone is interested e-mail me.

This is another wand unfortunately it was sold this weekend (4/11/01) It was a beauty though. It is made of real bamboo, yarn, leather, a quartz crystal and native american blue beads.

Again if you are interested e-mail me.