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The Official Doohicky Website
This website is produced and maintained by the Galactic Doohicky Environmental Agency (GDEA), a division of the Antargrian International Council (AIC).

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Welcome to the Official Doohicky Website, dedicated to making people more aware about doohickys.

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Doohicky News

2nd December
News Article:
Smuggling Ring Uncovered

23rd September
News Article:
Host for Doohicky Festival Chosen

16th September
News Article:
Breakthrough made in Deelueby Research
Site News
3rd December
The Official Doohicky Website is happy to announce that we have a new member of the GDEA who will be helping with this site. This should hopefully mean more frequent updates. If anyone is interested in joining the GDEA and helping with this website, they should contact The Official Doohicky Website.

Look out for updates over the next few days on subjects such as Tips for Caring for your Doohicky. Please also note that the current poll will end soon and the results will be used to form a new section.

We hope you enjoy visiting this site. Please take the time to sign the guestbook and vote in the poll.

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