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The History of Doohickys

Where do doohickys come from? Why did they move? How did they survive? Read on...

As you probably know by now, doohickys are found on Pluto. But it hasn't always been that way.

Approximately 5000 years ago, before Pluto was even discovered, doohickys lived on a peaceful, jungle planet called Drohickyina. At that time, Neptune was the main superpower in the Milky Way. As they went about conquering planets they came across Drohickyina. Here they found nothing but animals and plants. Before leaving the planet again they took some samples of the strangest animal they found and called it a 'drohicky' after the planet. They put the drohickys on one of their moons, Nepity, and left them there.

A few hundred years later, Drohickyina was destroyed by a red hole. Then, one thousand years later, Nepity gained their independence from Neptune and called themselves Pluto. They discovered these strange animals and renamed them 'doohickys'. They changed the 'dro' to 'doo' because in Plutonian, 'doo' means 'free'. At the same time, they made doohickys their national animal.

Over the years, the remains of doohickys were found on other planets, but no live doohickys were found anywhere. The now famous Kekka Incident was a successful attempt by scientists to raise doohickys on another planet. Unfortunately, a disastrous change in atmosphere wiped out the entire population of doohickys there hundreds of years later.

One interesting discovery was that of a new breed of animal on the planet of Merato. Named the deelueby, scientists think that is related to the doohicky. They were unable to research it for many centuries due to protests by the Meratose, but they have just recently been give a grant to find out more abou deeluebys. Hopefully, the mysteries behind these odd creatures and their relationship to doohickys will soon be discovered.

At the moment, galactic scientists are studying doohickys to learn more about them. They are now sure, after conducting a thorough search, that Pluto is the only remaining planet where doohickys live. They are currently looking for other planets where doohickys could survive.

Doohicky Timeline
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